US Govt Agencies’ Key Actions On AI Executive Order: NIST GenAI Platform for Detecting AI Content, AI Security Board … –

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The United States Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced the NIST GenAI program to evaluate and measure the capabilities and limitations of generative AI technologies as part of the actions taken by the department to fulfil objectives outlined under President Joe Biden’s October 2023 AI Executive Order. Additionally, the NIST has also announced publication of four guidance documents focusing on risk management, ensuring security, and trustworthiness of AI systems. President Joe Biden had issued an Executive Order on October 30, 2023, outlining measures to be undertaken by various government departments for ensuring AI safety and security, citizen privacy, equity, protection of consumers and workers’ rights, and promoting competition and innovation. On April 29, 2024, the US White House announced a list of actions, reported by federal agencies, completed in 180 days of the Executive Order. NIST GenAI platform for ‘information integrity’ Under the Executive Order, the US Department of Commerce was tasked with developing frameworks for content-authentication and watermarking to label AI-generated content, to enable differentiation between AI-generated and original content. In line with the Order, NIST GenAI will serve as a platform for Test and Evaluation of generative AI technologies and will inform the work of the US AI Safety Institute. The NIST GenAI evaluation will mainly focus on creating benchmarks for dataset creation, facilitating development of content authenticity detection tech for different types of content like text, audio, image, video, and code, conduct a comparative analysis using relevant metrics promote development of tech that can…

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