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Global cybersecurity firm, Trend Micro, has expanded its Trend Vision One platform with enhanced AI-powered features to secure organisational use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and manage risks related to the increasing adoption of these AI tools. Working ahead of the upcoming RSA Conference 2024, the company plans to bolster the security of AI as more companies integrate this technology into their operations.

Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro, emphasises the importance of security in the era of AI: “Great advancements in technology always come with new cyber risk. Like cloud and every other leap in technology we have secured, the promise of the AI era is only powerful if protected. Our latest platform updates deliver new efficiencies to security teams and provide critical guidelines for AI use.”

The added capabilities of the platform focus on securing all individuals using public or private generative AI services across organisations. The new iterations include centralised management of employee access and usage of AI apps, prompt inspection to prevent data leaks and malicious content, content filtering to ensure compliance, and defences against large language model (LLM) attacks.

Trend’s enhancements to the Trend Vision One platform reflect its commitment to manage the human risks associated with AI use. The new additions build upon proven capabilities for contextualising alerts, decoding complex scripts, powering threat-hunting queries to counteract credential phishing, and recommending tailored response actions, and more.

Dave Gruber, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, underlines the needs of business owners and security teams in an AI-driven environment: “In addition to establishing and refining AI governance policies, security teams need effective mechanisms to identify, monitor, and implement controls for AI usage at both the individual and enterprise level.”

Trend Micro has a longstanding history working with AI and states the company has delivered solutions for network, web and cloud controls. It not only endeavours to optimise AI usage to meet business objectives but also prioritises maintaining a secure environment in the process.

The company embraces a resolute approach towards responsible AI use, believing that it is obligatory on all security vendors to develop and implement technology ethically, transparently, and accountably. Consequently, the cybersecurity risks connected with AI also apply to security vendors.

Trend Micro also reported the company contributed substantially to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on its Zero Trust Maturity Model (ZTMM). The aim of this model is to assist organisations in securing emerging technology integrations within their projects. Furthermore, as a firm standing against deceptive use of AI, Trend Micro has pledged to combat AI misuse in the next elections.

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