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Cybersecurity software maker Trend Micro has announced plans to create the first security solutions tailored specifically for AI PCs, and it will be hitting the mainstream market this summer. 

Trend Micro makes some of the best antivirus software programs for both mobile and Windows platforms. In the company’s announcement, the Texas-based company said its new AI “security solutions” will launch in late 2024. 

Trend Micro appears to be the first company to introduce programs aimed at AI. Other big cybersecurity companies like Norton and McAfee have announced that they utilize AI in their virus and malware detections systems, but nothing that focuses on any new risks that AI computing might present. 

Based on the announcement, it sounds like Trend Micro is planning to team up with Intel and work to release more AI-focused products that address the risks of AI invading tools we use every day. 

The company is focusing on addressing AI computing risks in two fashions. First is AI application protection: Trend Micro claims that the company is working to protect AI applications from model tampering and “knowledge base poisoning.”

The second is using NPUs (Neural Processing Units) to secure emails. The company claims that email content currently has to be sent to the cloud for threat analysis. With newer, more powerful NPUs built into the latest laptop chips from Apple, AMD, Intel and Qualcomm, Trend says that their program can run email scam protection directly on AI PC devices. This is supposed to provide more data protection and reduces how far your data travels. 

Trend Micro’s announcement did not go into detail on how these new features will work, but we’re hoping to get a look ourselves when they debut later this year.

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