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DataDome’s Platform Stops Fraud Instantly, Blocking 350 Billion Attempts in 12 Months

NEW YORK, June 6, 2024 DataDome, a leading provider of AI-powered online fraud and bot management, is proud to announce that in the year following its successful $42M Series C funding round, the company has achieved substantial milestones in its mission to rid the web of fraudulent traffic. With a relentless commitment to innovation and customer protection, DataDome has significantly enhanced and expanded its platform, empowering enterprises to stop fraud before it happens and realize instant ROI.

“Enterprises today are engaged in an endless ‘cat and mouse’ game with fraudsters. Too often, they’re getting outgunned with sophisticated and evasive attacks – now fueled by AI – as antiquated fraud products are no match for today’s cutting-edge threats,” said Benjamin Fabre, co-founder and CEO of DataDome. ”With DataDome, the era of reactive, labor-intensive verification processes is over; we are using AI to fight AI.”

By leveraging machine learning at the edge, DataDome’s platform is uniquely positioned to inspect the entirety of traffic, thereby preventing business logic abuse. And because DataDome seamlessly integrates and provides full transparency, enterprises can avoid the pain points associated with cobbling together individual products, such as increased costs, an incremental risk of vulnerabilities, and inefficiency.

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Moreover, DataDome’s platform supports and provides explainability for a wide range of business use cases, effectively breaking down silos and enabling cyber-fraud fusion, the coming together of infosec and fraud prevention teams and techniques.

By the numbers: DataDome’s robust platform successfully detected and blocked approximately 350 billion malicious attacks in the last 12 months. Customers benefited from a 99% reduction in account takeover fraud, as DataDome stopped 8.6 billion account takeover attempts and nearly 400 million fake account creations.

Product innovation and enhancements: DataDome delivered on its pledge to utilize the Series C funding for R&D and product development by unleashing three new cutting-edge solutions. These include Device Check, the most effective, truly invisible CAPTCHA alternative, Ad Protect, a groundbreaking tool against ad fraud from inception, and  Account Protect, which stops fraud before it happens.

Additionally, DataDome became the first bot management vendor to offer a ChatGPT application on the ChatGPT Marketplace. DataDome Companion is designed to optimize and simplify bot management processes, with the ability to create custom rules with unparalleled speed and ease.

The company also grew its signals collection from 3 trillion to a staggering 5 trillion per day, strengthening its defenses against an ever-expanding array of threats. It similarly expanded its global infrastructure to 26 points of presence, improving solution availability and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Embracing collaboration: DataDome announced the expansion of its channel partner program to support the evolving needs of today’s enterprises in the fight against online fraud and automated threats. Notably, it also became the first bot mitigation provider to attain AWS Security Software Competency, proving AWS technical expertise and success helping AWS customers reach their security goals. Soon thereafter, DataDome also achieved AWS Retail Software Competency, securing the future of retail.

Industry recognition: DataDome has received widespread recognition in the past year for its market-leading detection and mitigation capabilities, including being the only bot detection and mitigation provider to rank on G2’s prestigious Best Security Products of 2024 list. Other accolades include the 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Fraud Prevention, Best Use of Machine Learning/AI in the 2023 SC Europe Awards, ranking on Viva Technology’s 2024 “Top 100 Next Unicorns” list, 2024 Global Infosec Publisher’s Choice Award for Fraud Prevention, and more.

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