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Yubico’s latest firmware update, version 5.7, introduces a suite of enhancements to the YubiKey 5 Series security keys. This update includes support for CTAP 2.1, which is the first significant revision of the FIDO2/WebAuthn protocol, enabling a range of new features primarily aimed at enterprise users. The firmware bolsters security through improved PIN complexity, allowing for the use of Unicode characters in PINs and counting each Unicode code point as a single character. Additionally, the 5.7 firmware expands storage capabilities, supporting up to 100 passkeys, 24 PIV certificates, and 64 OATH credentials. However, it is important to note that only new Yubikey 5 series keys will feature the new firmware, and existing keys cannot upgrade to this firmware for security reasons.

The security keys equipped with the new 5.7 firmware will be available for purchase in late May 2024. The update is expected to enhance the YubiKey’s appeal to organizations by encouraging the adoption of passwordless-first, modern phishing-resistant authentication methods. The release aligns with Yubico’s commitment to providing secure, simple, and scalable authentication solutions that meet the evolving needs of enterprise security.

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