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Mike East, Vice President of International Sales at Cado Security, embodies the pioneering spirit driving the future of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) in the cloud. With an illustrious career marked by foundational roles at cybersecurity giants like Mandiant and CrowdStrike, East’s journey to Cado Security heralds a new chapter in the company’s ambition to democratise DFIR for the hybrid cloud era. Cado Security stands at the forefront of integrating advanced automation and artificial intelligence (AI) into the fabric of digital forensics, making complex cloud investigations more accessible and faster to execute.

Cado Security’s mission to revolutionise cloud-based digital forensics comes at a time when the industry faces unprecedented challenges. The shift towards hybrid work environments and the increasing reliance on cloud and SaaS solutions have expanded the attack surface for enterprises globally. This complexity, coupled with a pronounced skills gap in the security sector, underscores the urgency of Cado’s innovations. East is particularly excited about the potential of automation to transform incident response, stating, “Automated investigations using AI to speed up incident response and close the skills gap is the most critical project we’re working on at present.”

Building success from the ground up

Despite currently being a “team of one,” East is no stranger to building successful teams from the ground up. His role at Cado, created in response to the growing demand for DFIR solutions outside the United States, leverages his extensive experience and network to establish Cado as a leader in the international cybersecurity landscape. This initiative is pivotal, not just for Cado’s growth, but as part of a broader industry trend towards comprehensive cloud-native security solutions.

East’s achievements and leadership philosophy are deeply influenced by his experience in launching CrowdStrike’s operations in EMEA, a venture that demanded persistence, vision, and a knack for brand building. These skills are now directed towards expanding Cado Security’s reach in EMEA and APAC, regions where East’s deep familiarity and strategic acumen are invaluable assets.

Cado Security’s flagship platform, celebrated for its innovative approach to DFIR, is emblematic of the company’s commitment to empowering security teams. By offering a cloud-native platform that automates the acquisition, processing, analysis, and response to security incidents, Cado addresses critical industry challenges head-on. The platform’s recent enhancement, the AI Investigator feature, underscores Cado’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to simplify the incident response process.

Passion for the product

East’s enthusiasm for his role and Cado’s mission is palpable. “I’m passionate about levelling up the fight between defender and attacker,” he explains, highlighting the perennial challenge in cybersecurity: the asymmetry between attackers, who need only succeed once, and defenders, who must constantly ward off threats. It’s this challenge that East, alongside Cado Security, is dedicated to addressing, armed with advanced automation, AI, and a team driven by a shared mission to innovate DFIR practices.

Reflecting on the momentum within Cado Security, East notes the excitement surrounding the company’s trajectory. “Cado Security is bringing advanced automation and AI to the investigation and response community to help close the skills gap and reduce the time to respond,” he states. This forward-thinking approach is not only about advancing technology but also about fostering a culture of innovation and resilience within the cybersecurity community.

Why Mike is a Titan of Tech

Mike East’s role at Cado Security is more than just a title; it’s a testament to his enduring commitment to transforming cybersecurity. His journey reflects a blend of visionary leadership, technological innovation, and a deep-seated belief in the power of collaboration to overcome the most daunting challenges in digital forensics and incident response. As Cado Security continues to pave the way for a safer digital future, East’s leadership and the collective expertise of the Cado team represent a beacon of hope and progress in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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