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In a bold move to redefine security landscapes, Secure Passage, formerly known as Haystax, has announced a strategic pivot towards integrating cyber and physical security platforms. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., the firm is poised to launch innovative products like Secure Passage Dragon and Truman in Q2 of 2024, promising a unified approach to managing security threats.


Revolutionizing Security with Integrated Solutions

Secure Passage’s rebranding underscores its commitment to addressing the multifaceted security challenges of today. By leveraging advanced technologies, the company aims to offer a seamless security management experience. The introduction of Secure Passage Dragon, a sophisticated data aggregation tool, alongside Truman, a unified security platform, signifies a leap towards simplifying security operations. These platforms are designed to aggregate and analyze data from diverse sources, including vaping sensors, badge data, door alarms, and facial recognition cameras, enhancing the ability to preempt and respond to security threats efficiently.

Addressing the Convergence of Cyber and Physical Threats


The necessity for integrated security solutions has never been more critical, with the convergence of cyber and physical threats posing unprecedented challenges. Secure Passage’s innovative approach is in line with industry trends that advocate for a unified security strategy. Insights from access control technology trends and the importance of converging cyber-physical security solutions underscore the shift towards comprehensive security measures that encompass both digital and physical realms. Secure Passage’s solutions are poised to set a new standard in the industry, providing clients with the tools needed to navigate the complex security landscape of today.

Empowering Clients with Advanced Security Measures

The launch of Secure Passage’s new products reflects an understanding of the evolving security needs of businesses, governments, and individuals. By integrating cyber and physical security measures, Secure Passage aims to empower clients with enhanced capabilities to detect, analyze, and respond to threats. This strategy not only addresses current security concerns but also anticipates future challenges, ensuring that clients are well-equipped to protect their assets in an increasingly digital world. The focus on operational technology cybersecurity, as discussed in the context of manufacturing and distribution industries, further highlights the critical nature of securing digital infrastructures in all sectors.

The strategic rebranding and product launch by Secure Passage mark a significant development in the security sector, aiming to bridge the gap between cyber and physical security measures. As the landscape of security threats continues to evolve, the company’s forward-thinking approach positions it as a leader in the quest for a safer, more secure world. The implications of these advancements extend far beyond immediate security benefits, potentially transforming how businesses and governments approach risk management and threat response in the digital age.

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