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iTRACE Technologies, Inc., a renowned leader in safeguarding global supply chains against counterfeiting, has introduced a significant upgrade to its iTRACE 2DMI® technology. This enhancement integrates artificial intelligence (AI) with existing blockchain connectivity, offering unparalleled protection for brands and consumers worldwide.

Revolutionizing Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

Counterfeiting poses significant threats across industries, impacting revenue, brand reputation, and consumer safety. iTRACE 2DMI®, known for its robust anti-counterfeiting measures, now incorporates AI to enhance counterfeit product detection and blockchain technology to ensure secure authentication processes.

Key Features of Enhanced iTRACE 2DMI®:

AI-Powered Detection: The system employs advanced AI algorithms to swiftly and accurately identify counterfeit and cloned products, enabling businesses to authenticate products and packaging promptly.

Blockchain-Enabled Security: Integration of optional blockchain technology ensures immutable and transparent authentication records, providing businesses with a verifiable product movement trail.

Mobile Accessibility: A user-friendly mobile app allows for easy product authentication through simple scans of iTRACE 2DMI® Marks, facilitating instant verification for businesses and consumers.

Support for High-Security Applications: Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of high-security sectors, including electronics, luxury goods, medtech, pharma, automotive, and aerospace, iTRACE 2DMI® offers versatile and reliable protection.

Leadership Perspective:

Mark Manning, Founder and CEO of iTRACE Technologies, Inc., emphasized the significance of AI and blockchain integration in combating counterfeiting. He highlighted the enhancements’ role in enhancing security, efficiency, and client capabilities to safeguard products and consumers effectively.

Addressing Global Challenges:

As global supply chains face increasing complexity and susceptibility to fraud, advanced solutions like iTRACE 2DMI® are essential. The economic impact of counterfeiting is profound, with significant losses estimated annually. Against the backdrop of global trade uncertainties and the surge in online shopping, the timing of these advancements is particularly critical.

Embracing Technological Trends:

The utilization of AI and blockchain in iTRACE 2DMI® sets a new standard for anti-counterfeiting technology and reflects broader trends toward technology integration in business practices. These innovations ensure transparency and security, aligning with evolving industry needs.


iTRACE Technologies remains at the forefront of innovative solutions for brand protection. With the enhanced iTRACE 2DMI®, the company is poised to assist businesses worldwide in safeguarding their products and upholding brand integrity in an increasingly complex and digitalized marketplace.

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