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From Tuesday, June 11 through Thursday, June 13, Data Center Frontier will join fellow Endeavor Business Media brands Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Lightwave, and Security Info Watch to host the online Data Center Summit

Held over three days, the virtual event will bring together a combination of panel discussions, hour-long standalone sessions, and half-hour presentations, all focused on different aspects of data center administration. 

In describing the event as a whole, its organizers explained:

“Data centers are the world’s most demanding technological environments, serving as the epicenters of interconnectivity for global communications. Regardless of the amount of computing power within it, a data center has exacting requirements of the products and systems that serve it. During the Data Center Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the systems, technologies, and practices that are moving data centers forward.”

You can register for the event here.

Here’s a sampling of this year’s Data Center Summit presentations:

On Tuesday, June 11 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EDT), Robb A. Jones from Chatsworth Products and Mark Seymour from Cadence Design Systems will present a session titled, “AI’s Growing Influence on Data Centers.”

That growing interest in AI will be a boon for the data center segment is an understatement. Dell’Oro forecasts AI infrastructure spending will propel data center capex to grow 15 percent to $500 billion by 2027. Meanwhile, the benefits of deploying AI within in the data center are numerous. 

Gartner estimates that by 2025, half of cloud data centers will deploy advanced robots with AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, resulting in 30% higher operating efficiency. This trend is driving efficiencies by automating operational processes in traditional enterprise data centers such as server upgrades, scheduling, monitoring, maintenance, patching, updating, reporting, and application delivery capacity planning. 

This session will address AI’s opportunities and benefits in the data center and their effects on providers by addressing the such issues as: how cloud service providers and enterprises can optimize their infrastructure for AI; cloud service provider and enterprise spending trends related to AI infrastructure; the role of Tier 2/3 Cloud Service Providers; near-term cloud and enterprise capex growth challenges; how AI and AI-powered data center operations use AI technologies and algorithms to automate and enhance management; and how AI enables power outage predictions, and lowers maintenance costs.

A roundtable discussion titled, “Liquid Cooling Technology Strategies for Edge, Colocation and Hyperscale Data Center Players” will be presented on Tues., June 11 from 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM (EDT).

For data center stakeholders being pulled along by increasingly gravitational AI/ML trends, this session seeks to recognize and categorize how the rising tide of liquid cooling technology methods and systems scales from the edge, to the plant, to the rack, to the cage, down the aisle, to the modular container, and into large-scale data hall environments.

The panel will provide guidance for navigating the value proposition of various LC technology deployments across data centers of all sizes, in futureproof preparation for the oncoming deluge of AI technology demand, particularly as it emanates from the enterprise and infrastructure sectors. 

The session will also examine contemporary data center industry best practices with relation to LC technologies, as defined by a range of emerging trends in deploying direct to chip and immersion cooling system advancements. The roundtable’s speakers include: Josh Claman, Accelsius; Bret Davis, CoolIT Systems; Matthew Archibald, nVent; and Pascal Holt, Iceotope.

On Tuesday, July 11 from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM (EDT), a webinar titled “How Digitization is Driving Sustainability in Data Centers of the Future” will be presented by Jon Gould, Director Business Development Software at Schneider Electric; and Satish Nookala, Director of Asset Product Management at wholesale data center operator CyrusOne.

The webinar’s premise is how regulations aimed at reducing the energy consumption of IT and promoting energy efficiency are here, with Europe is leading the charge via the E.U.’s Energy Efficiency Directive; and the Fit for 55 initiative, with its goal of reducing E.U. emissions by 55% by 2030. 

Meanwhile, in the US, under a pair of California laws signed in October 2023, many large US companies will be required to make broad-based climate-related disclosures starting as early as 2026. Organizations with a global footprint must comply — and the webinar’s experts believe regulations will be extended into the greater United States with a recently passed SEC rule that may lead to a focus on IT energy consumption.

The webinar will discuss how elements of strategy and digitization with connected software and digital services are helping data centers to meet their decarbonization goals. The presentation will cover: new climate-related regulations and how they will affect data center operators with regard to energy efficiency and decarbonization efforts; the DCIM 3.0 evolution and how a wider data center software portfolio can support sustainability initiatives; and how CyrusOne is meeting their own sustainability goals, as well as meeting their customers’ requirements, with digital solutions.

As the essential connection point between IT infrastructure and the OT infrastructure supporting it, connected software is in a unique position to help answer sustainability questions. In response to such demand, Schneider Electric will explain unique model-based, automated sustainability reporting features in its EcoStruxure IT platform. The company says the new model offers customers a fast, intuitive, easy-to-use reporting engine to help meet regulatory requirements, and can provide visibility from largest data center to the smallest server room. 

On Wednesday, June 12 from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM (EDT), subject matter experts from Siemens Industry, Inc., including Bernie Oegema, David Stolerow and Adam Chapman, will present a session titled, “Strategies for a Unified Defense – Physical and Cyber Security in Data Centers.”

The session’s premise is thus: In an era where the boundaries between cyber- and physical realms are increasingly blurring, the security of data centers has never been more critical. Recent trends underscore the alarming, increasing frequency of physical and cybersecurity incidents within data centers and emphasize the need for leaders to fortify their defenses. 

In this presentation, the Siemens experts will delve into the strategies needed for a unified defense to protect your data center inside and out.

Topics will include: an overview of the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies; how an integrated security solution can protect the fiver critical physical security layers; the impact of digitalization on data center security. and how to get started unifying security solutions at your data center.

Other session titles to be presented throughout the three-day Data Center Summit virtual event include the following:

  • AI and Data Centers: Getting Smarter About Video Surveillance
  • AI’s Growing Influence on Data Centers
  • Building the Foundation for AI Networks
  • Cooling Innovations in High-Density Computing Environments: From Air to Liquid Solutions
  • Generative AI—Network Considerations and Impact to Data Center Designs
  • How DCIM is Evolving to Meet Future Data Center Requirements
  • The Key to Security Solutions for Technology and Data Centers
  • Updates to Cabling Standards for Fiber, New Connector Types, and How to Test Them
  • Why Data Center Digital Twins?

View the event’s full agenda, including detailed descriptions of each session.

Register for Data Center Summit.

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