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When the White House issued an executive order last October to promote safe and responsible development and use of artificial intelligence in the federal government, one of the first agencies to say it was on board the AI train was the Department of Homeland Security. The agency is making good on that commitment by recently announcing a roadmap detailing its plans for AI this year and the launch of three pilot projects to test AI technology. The roadmap offers visibility into DHS’s approach to AI and its aim to foster relationships with the private sector, academia, other government entities, and other partners to accelerate the development and deployment of AI solutions tailored to the unique challenges it faces. Three pilot programs are aimed at enhancing immigration officer training; helping communities build resilience and reduce the burden for applying for disaster relief grants; and improving the efficiency of law enforcement investigations. In one pilot, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) will test AI to help in investigative processes focused on detecting fentanyl and combatting child exploitation. AI will strengthen its investigative processes by introducing a large language model-based system designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of summaries investigators rely on, the department said. The LLM-based system will use open-source technologies to allow investigators to more quickly summarize and search for contextually relevant information within investigative reports. In another pilot, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will deploy generative AI to create efficiencies for the hazard mitigation planning process for local governments, including underserved communities. The pilot will support state, local, tribal, and territorial governments’ understanding of how to craft a plan that identifies risks and mitigation strategies. And in the third pilot, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will develop an interactive application that uses gen AI to improve the way the agency trains immigration officer personnel.

Full report : DHS issued a roadmap detailing its plans for AI this year and the launch of three pilot projects to test AI technology covering issues including immigration, fentanyl, and child exploitation.

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