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92% of enterprise PCs are left vulnerable amidst the AI revolution, according to new research from Absolute Security, a cybersecurity professional services provider.

The findings were revealed in the ‘Absolute Security Cyber Resilience Risk Index 2024 report, where Absolute Security analysed data from over 5 million end point devices.

Despite the rush to leverage AI on endpoints, the report highlights that 92% of PCs have insufficient RAM capacity that leading industry groups say is needed to support it.

Organisations that want to take advantage of AI will need to replace entire devices, requiring them to ensure that mass deployments can remain secure against threats, and compliant with internal and external security policies.

The research also revealed that most industries continue to run weeks, even months, behind in patching software vulnerabilities, endpoints remain vulnerable to threats, and most enterprise PCs will need to be replaced to support AI-based technologies. All of these factors are creating numerous compliance and security challenges.

Education and government are the top sectors with the worst patching records, taking 119 and 82 days respectively to patch.

Another concern the report highlights is that when not supported by automated remediation technologies, PC Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) and network access security applications fail to operate effectively 24% of the time. On almost 14% of devices, unsupported EPPs are not even present, opening high-risk security gaps.

“As an industry we are intently focused on the inevitable attack coming, breach waiting to happen, and disruption around the next corner,”  Wyatt said.

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“Not enough attention is paid to the simple strategies that can dramatically increase your resilience to ensure you remain resistant to vulnerabilities and can recover quickly. The stakes continue to get higher as we face the urgent need to adopt AI and other innovations to remain competitive.

“Cyber Resilience is a paradigm that extends beyond traditional cybersecurity. It’s about ensuring that your digital operations, which are the heart of your organisation, can withstand and quickly recover from cyberattacks, technical malfunctions, deliberate tampering, and new deployments.”

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