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A report by Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) reveals key findings on the current state of inclusion in cybersecurity. By conducting a survey of 1,000 employees (65% women and 35% men) the report found notable gender disparities in the cybersecurity industry. 

In the report, surveyed women noted the top four categories in which they experience exclusion: respect, career and growth, access and participation and recognition. When compared to their male counterparts, women reported 350% more exclusion in recognition and 250% more in respect. 

Key findings from the report include: 

  • 48% of women face obstacles associated with career and growth opportunities, suggesting a class ceiling effect in the cybersecurity workforce. For comparison, 26% of men report similar struggles in career and growth. 
  • Individuals with intersectional identities and/or disabilities report exclusion at levels that compare to or exceed those related to gender. 
  • Inclusive practices can increase employee engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and productivity. Thus, the report suggests that inclusive practices can improve organizational revenues and retention. 

Paolo Gaudiano, Chief Scientist of Aleria, said, “This report underscores the tangible impact of inclusive policies. Organizations have a clear opportunity to significantly boost their financial results and employee satisfaction by addressing these disparities. Our analysis suggests that a company with $1 billion in revenue could be losing approximately $23 million annually due to differential treatment of women and people of color. This highlights the critical financial incentive companies gain from an inclusive workplace.”

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