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Wing Security, the leader in SaaS Security, today announced that its SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solution is now available through AWS Marketplace. This large, rapidly growing online distribution channel makes it easier for organizations to find, purchase and deploy Wing’s SSPM solutions to secure their cloud assets.

Featuring thousands of software listings from leading vendors, AWS Marketplace simplifies software licensing and procurement with flexible pricing options and multiple deployment methods from one central source. Wing Security customers can now purchase and launch SaaS security software with just a few clicks. AWS Marketplace simplifies billing and payments with charges appearing on the customer’s unified AWS billing statement.

Wing Security’s presence on AWS Marketplace marks a significant step forward for organizations seeking easy access to comprehensive SaaS security solutions to enhance their cloud security posture. Wing Security’s offering enables customers to leverage the full potential of SaaS applications with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their environment is monitored and protected against today’s sophisticated threats. It provides comprehensive SaaS discovery, management, control, and automated remediation capabilities, covering an array of security concerns, from supply chain risks to insider threats. Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Quick Onboarding: Users can deploy Wing Security’s solution within minutes, providing immediate security benefits and operational efficiencies.
  • Robust SaaS Management: The platform offers extensive control over more than 300,000 SaaS applications, identifying risks and providing automatic remediation.
  • AI-SaaS Security: Wing Security’s unique solution discovers and analyzes all AI applications used by employees, including hidden AI capabilities within the existing SaaS stack.
  • Continuous Risk Assessment: The platform provides updated risk assessments for all SaaS applications including security scores, compliance statuses, and analyses of connected applications (app2app).
  • Proactive Threat Remediation: With automated in-product remediation, Wing Security engages users to correct risky behaviors and enhances overall security posture.
  • Data Exposure Management: Wing Security provides visibility into how sensitive data is shared across applications, enabling quick action to prevent data breaches.
  • Tailored Threat Intelligence: Wing Security’s platform proactively alerts users when an application in use has been compromised, or when their employee’s credentials have been leaked to the darknet.

“AWS Marketplace vastly expands the availability of our solution to global customers, empowering them to take control of their security through a proven, easy-to-use distribution channel,” said Galit Lubetzky Sharon, CEO of Wing Security. “We are dedicated to providing advanced SaaS security measures that align with AWS’s shared responsibility model, ensuring that both AWS services and the workloads developed on them are secure.”

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