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Vectra AI, the acclaimed player in hybrid attack detection, investigation and response, announced an exciting expansion of its platform. The expanded platform is designed to safeguard enterprises from emerging threat vectors expedited by the flourishing adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) tools such as Microsoft’s MS Copilot.

GenAI tools significantly contribute to the efficiency and productivity of organisations but simultaneously engender new attack surfaces for cyber attackers to exploit. In navigating this rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats, Vectra AI applies its own AI strategies to counter these advanced and emerging threats.

Sharat Nautiyal, Director of Security Engineering, APJ, Vectra AI, explained, “The rapid digitisation of organisations coupled with the integration of GenAI tools like Microsoft Copilot introduces both immense opportunities and significant risks. GenAI is being weaponised by cyber criminals and security leaders must also adopt AI as part of their defence and response strategies to ensure they remain resilient and agile.”

The expanded Vectra AI Platform has integrated innovative threat detection and response capabilities to shield against attacks aimed at the Microsoft Copilot in M365. Its patented Attack Signal Intelligence employs AI to defend against cyberattackers misusing GenAI. This empowers security operations centre (SOC) teams to tackle GenAI attacks intelligently with the support of AI.

According to Hitesh Sheth, founder and CEO of Vectra AI, Vectra has championed the use of AI against emerging threats for a decade. Sheth mentioned, “With more enterprises now using GenAI tools to boost employee productivity, SOC teams face a new attack surface, one that can only be protected with AI. Our new AI-driven detections for GenAI attacks empower SOC teams to fight AI with AI, enabling them to operate at the same speed and scale as attackers.”

The platform has incorporated GenAI coverage to empower the SOC teams to identify and stop emerging attack techniques that misuse GenAI tools. It ensures detection of attackers compromising an identity and manipulating Microsoft Copilot in M365 to execute attacks and gain access to sensitive applications and data swiftly.

In this expansion, the Vectra AI platform has shown notable advancements, including a detection cover for Microsoft Copilot abuses, correlation of detections with identities across Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft 365, AWS, and Active Directory, and prioritisation of detections integrated with network, identity, cloud for instant investigations. To ensure all-round back-up, it offers native, automated, and managed response actions to lockdown users involved in an attack.

Highlighting the increasing usage of GenAI tools, Jeff Reed, Chief Product Officer of Vectra AI, exclaimed, “Over 40% of Vectra AI’s identity customers have begun to adopt Microsoft Copilot for M365 in their enterprise. This new expansion of the Vectra AI Platform helps SOC defenders protect identities and stop attackers abusing GenAI tools.”

Therefore, as the threats intensify, organisations must double up their defence and response strategies in embracing AI to combat the new-age challenges posed by GenAI tools exploitation.

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