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A leading global builder and operator of largescale data centers overhauls its video and access control systems.

Vantage Data Centers offers more than 1.8 million gross square feet and 1.5GW+ of IT capacity across 32 data centers around the world.

And, in turn, world’s top hyperscalers, cloud providers and large enterprises partner with Vantage for their innovative approach to data center design and their commitment to reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Facing many connection lags and maintenance issues, the Vantage team found that their existing video and access control systems were no longer measuring up to their standards.

Having separate video and access control systems further slowed workflows. Operators needed to log into the different systems, navigate between them and piece the video and access control information together.

Their security systems were proprietary, hindering the team’s ability to incorporate additional technologies to improve their operations.

Knowing that those technologies could no longer meet their mission-critical needs, the Vantage team was ready for a major physical security upgrade – seeking a state-of-the-art and progressive solution.

Aligning with the innovative spirit of the company, Vantage identified an open and flexible solution that gave them the ability to manage different technologies from one security platform.

The company also required the highest levels of reliability and redundancy along with advanced features that could empower efficiency.

Considering all these must-haves, Genetec stood out from the start, said Tamim Rastkar, Global Director of Security Solutions and Standards, Vantage Data Centers.

“Genetec Security Center provided a robust and open architecture platform. This allowed us to combine different technologies while maintaining high system availability and uptime. And it was also easy to transition some existing infrastructure over to the Genetec platform.”

Vantage first installed the unified physical security platform at one location.

Soon after, the team decided to standardize with Genetec Security Center across all their global data center sites.

To date, Vantage has deployed Security Center across 19 data centers – with more slated for upgrades.

At each location, operators work around the clock monitoring video, access control and intercom from one unified view.

The team has also integrated a key management system and power solution within the platform, offering a consolidated view of what’s happening throughout their environment.

“Within Security Center, we’re managing about 500 cameras, 400 doors, 2000 cardholders, a couple hundred intercoms and other sensors per location. Having all that information in one centralized view has made it much easier for our operators to see what’s happening. said Firooz Barakzai, Global

Manager, Security Solutions and Standards, Vantage Data Centers.

Built-in features such as Plan Manager, the map-based interface and custom dashboards enhance the user experience. Dashboards are set up to simplify monitoring tasks, giving operators a quick snapshot of their environment in real time.

“It’s straightforward to keep our systems updated and make sure our physical security platform is cybersecure. Operators actively use the Health Monitoring dashboard and the Security Score widget which points them to any outstanding issues or opportunities to harden our systems,” said Barakzai.

There are several layers of security built into all Vantage Data Centers properties. These include various forms of authentication at doors – from card/pin input to biometric fingerprint readers – all of which connect back to Genetec Security Center.

Only cardholders with specific access permission levels are assigned access to the key cabinets and all user activity is tracked within Security Center and linked to the associated video, providing an audit trail for detailed reporting.

In the event of an occurrence, operators can promptly assess the available evidence.

“The key management system integration has optimized our processes, saved us time and strengthened our compliance. Operators are no longer responsible for assigning pins or removing permissions in the key management system – It’s all automatically managed based on the cardholder profile within the Security Center,” said Rastkar.

Vantage has also used the Genetec Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop various custom applications such as a Soft Pin plugin to compile data and metrics from various systems and track key performance indicators across the business.

The same plugin has also allowed the team to standardize everything from system naming conventions and cardholder groups to operator dashboards and reporting schedules across all sites.

“Though our sites operate independently, the configuration and management of our systems are all the same. This level of global standardization provides greater efficiency and consistency across our business. We have higher levels of compliance, better security and a smoother customer experience,” said Barakzai.

Reaching new operational efficiencies with Mission Control Once all systems were unified with Security Center, the team began exploring Genetec Mission Control™. The decision management system helps operators quickly address the most pressing situations by guiding them through standard operating procedures (SOPs). Mission Control also automatically creates incident reports that can be exported and shared with key company stakeholders. “Mission Control has delivered a lot of operational value. We schedule monthly reports for our internal auditing and send automated reports to our customers. It’s all unified and automated. In many ways, it has exceeded our expectations,” said Rastkar. Mission Control also helps minimize distractions for operators. The system filters all incoming alarms and only alerts operators to urgent situations. Other pre-programmed automations are built-in processes to ensure that everything is handled appropriately.

“It’s one less thing for the operators to worry about. We have over 30 different SOPs set up within Mission Control. If there’s an incident, Mission Control will notify our operators and guide them through all steps to resolve the issue. They no longer need to flip through binders or memorize what to do for each situation. Everything from alarm notifications and response procedures to incident reporting is all automated and standardized,” said Barakzai.

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