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Trend Micro, a player in the cybersecurity realm, has launched its latest innovation—Inline Network Detection and Response (NDR). This new technology has been integrated into Trend Vision One, the company’s comprehensive Security Operations Centre (SOC) platform. The breakthrough aims to revolutionise detection and response mechanisms by decrypting contemporary encryption methods, enhancing security efforts.

Inline NDR promises near real-time threat containment, addressing the allocation challenges faced by SOC teams, which often struggle with limited resources and visibility. The integration of this technology within Trend Vision One offers a holistic approach, strengthening Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tools through extensive network analysis and asset monitoring.

Adding Inline NDR to the Trend Vision One platform marks a significant shift in how network security can be managed. According to industry analysts, the ability of Inline NDR to decrypt modern encryption techniques sets it apart from traditional NDR products, which generally lack integrated decryption capabilities. Forrester, a reputable industry analyst firm, suggests that customers seeking robust network analysis and visibility (NAV) should opt for providers with onboard decryption capabilities.

The move by Trend Micro appears timely, as Gartner reports indicate that while most current NDR evaluations focus on stand-alone deployments, there is a growing trend towards integrating varied telemetry sources, such as endpoint and identity access management. Integrating such capabilities anticipates future market demands, placing Trend Micro ahead in innovation.

Today’s SOC teams are often hampered by constraints related to staffing, budget, time, and tools. Security analysts, often overworked, may lack comprehensive visibility into their network assets. This scenario provides cybercriminals with potential vulnerabilities they can exploit. Trend Micro’s Inline NDR addresses these gaps by enabling faster detection and containment of threats before they cause significant damage to an organisation.

Andrew Philp, Director of Platform Strategy for Australia and New Zealand, Trend Micro, emphasised the importance of network asset visibility. He highlighted the attractiveness of unmanaged assets like routers, laptops, firewalls, and even smart appliances to threat actors, as these can serve as launching points for new attacks. Philp noted that Trend Micro’s network telemetry provides constant awareness of asset activities, significantly reducing potential security blind spots.

Inline NDR distinguishes itself by combining enforcement, visibility, and decryption without compromising quality. The integration into Trend Vision One allows organisations to avoid the inefficiencies of deploying multiple disconnected solutions, streamlining security operations.

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