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Trend Micro Incorporated today announced its latest breakthrough in network detection and response (NDR) technology: Inline NDR. The technology is available via the Trend Vision One platform, where it improves detection and response across all security functions rather than operating as an isolated solution.

Inline NDR is the latest innovation from Trend Vision One, the full-spectrum SOC platform designed to accelerate investigations by surfacing the highest priority alerts and automating complex response actions. This empowers SOC analysts with near real-time actions – empowering teams to react faster to contain threats before they can cause the organization lasting damage.

Kevin Simzer, COO at Trend: “Threat actors love unmanaged assets like routers, laptops, firewalls and even smart appliances – as these create the security blind spots from which to launch new attacks. That’s why we offer something different from most XDR out there. Our network telemetry lets you know where your unmanaged assets are and what they’re doing at all times, leaving attackers with nowhere to hide.”

A strong understanding of all assets connected to an organization’s networks is critical to overall security. Trend’s Inline NDR is unique in its ability to provide enforcement, visibility and network decryption without any compromises in quality. The integration with Trend Vision One enables customers to avoid deploying multiple disconnected solutions and enables security teams to work more efficiently.

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