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The city of Tijuana has taken a significant step towards enhancing its law enforcement capabilities with the acquisition of a new police helicopter, announced Mayor Montserrat Caballero earlier this week. Highlighting the importance of this initiative, Caballero stated that the helicopter is a testament to the city’s commitment to recognizing and augmenting the efforts of the Security and Citizens Protection Department. Costing 20 million pesos, approximately $1.2 million, this strategic investment is aimed at improving the police department’s operational efficiency, particularly in search and rescue missions and in policing hard-to-reach areas known for criminal activities.


Reviving Aerial Surveillance

The introduction of a new helicopter into Tijuana’s police force marks a significant milestone in the city’s efforts to revitalize its aerial surveillance capabilities. The last occurrence of police helicopter patrols dates back to 2017, when a tragic accident involving the helicopter “Pegasus” resulted in the loss of both pilots. Since then, the city has resorted to using drones and other aerial platforms for patrolling purposes. Mayor Caballero’s announcement underscores a turning point, signifying not only the return of helicopter patrols but also a robust commitment to leveraging advanced technology for enhancing public safety and security.

Financial Stability Enables Strategic Investments


Mayor Caballero attributes this significant acquisition to Tijuana’s healthy financial status and sufficient savings. This fiscal prudence has enabled the city to allocate resources towards critical investments like the police helicopter without compromising other essential services. By strategically investing in law enforcement infrastructure, Tijuana aims to deter criminal activities more effectively and ensure a safer environment for its residents. The mayor’s assurance that the helicopter will not be used for personal purposes further emphasizes the city’s dedicated focus on public welfare and security.

Enhancing Police Effectiveness

The new helicopter is expected to substantially augment the Tijuana police department’s capabilities, particularly in executing search and rescue operations and accessing terrains where criminals find refuge. Mayor Caballero’s vision is for the helicopter to act as a force multiplier, enabling law enforcement to perform their duties with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Scheduled for delivery by October 1, the helicopter symbolizes a key advancement in Tijuana’s ongoing efforts to combat crime and safeguard its citizens.

As Tijuana prepares to welcome this new addition to its police force, the move is seen as a significant leap forward in the city’s commitment to improving public safety. By enhancing aerial surveillance and operational capabilities, Tijuana sets a precedent for urban security management. This strategic investment not only showcases the city’s resolve in tackling crime but also its dedication to recognizing and supporting the hard work of its police force. As the helicopter takes to the skies, it will undoubtedly contribute to a safer and more secure Tijuana, underscoring the importance of innovative solutions in the realm of public security.

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