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French Olympic diver, Alexis Jandard, created a memorable moment at the grand opening of Paris’s new Olympic pool, though not quite in the manner he had envisioned.

A startling video captured during the inauguration of the state-of-the-art Paris Aquatics Center on Thursday showcased the 26-year-old Olympian’s unfortunate landing on his right foot while gearing up to dive alongside two fellow athletes. Adorned in a Speedo reflecting the hues of the French flag, Jandard’s discomforting descent saw him landing on his back, ricocheting off the nearly 10-foot-high dive board, and somersaulting into the pool in a rather ungraceful manner.

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The incident unfolded in front of a sizable crowd of onlookers, including French President Emmanuel Macron and various dignitaries. Jandard later displayed his scraped back on his Instagram account, maintaining a light-hearted approach to his embarrassing mishap by quipping, “For your information, my back is fine, but my ego…”

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Sharing a photo of his reddened back, courtesy of the encounter with the diving board, on Instagram Stories, Jandard assured followers of his well-being. Speaking to RMC Sport, he recounted the unexpected turn of events, stating, “I’m fine. I didn’t hurt myself; unfortunately, these things happen. It happened at a time when I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

Alexis Jandard injured his back at the inauguration of the new Olympic Pool in Paris. Photo Credit: @alexis_jandard - Instagram
Photo Credit: @alexis_jandard – Instagram

Reflecting on the incident, Jandard humorously noted, “I’ve broken boards before, but the board had never broken me before. Now it has.” Despite the hiccup, he maintained an optimistic outlook, remarking, “I would have preferred this ceremony to have gone well from A to Z. There was that little hitch. If it made people smile a little, so much the better.”

Explaining the mishap, Jandard clarified that his leg gave way upon landing but denied any slippage, emphasizing, “It’s a non-slip [board], and what’s more, the board was new, beautiful, and I think there’s still [some of] my back on the board there.”

With a silver and bronze under his belt at the 2022 and 2023 World Aquatics Championships, respectively, Jandard took the incident in stride, admitting, “It’s a shame, but it’s funny. When you take a step back, it’s funny.”

Looking ahead to the 2024 Paris Games this summer, where he is set to compete, Jandard acknowledged the inevitability of such occurrences in his sport, jesting, “These things happen,” while playfully lamenting, “It had to happen in front of the president and the whole of France. I think we chose the right moment.”


Despite being inundated with supportive messages and playful jabs, Jandard maintained a good-natured stance, urging his followers on Instagram, “Enjoy yourselves, make fun of me. I seriously deserve it!”

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