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Theori unveiled its latest security management solution, Xint. Xint streamlines and automates security operations across cloud and hybrid environments, providing comprehensive visibility throughout the entire security ecosystem.

Xint integrates cloud security, external threat detection, and an advanced Offensive Security AI Engine to provide a unified and detailed view of cloud environments and external threats. Developed from Theori’s extensive offensive cybersecurity expertise—honed through record-breaking performances in competitions like DEF CON—the engine functions as an AI-powered penetration tester, enhancing service stability and vulnerability identification.

Brian Pak, CEO of Theori, commented, “The launch of Xint represents a critical step forward in cybersecurity management. As cyber threats evolve, the need for a proactive, integrated approach becomes increasingly essential. Xint’s real-time capabilities and comprehensive security coverage empower organizations to manage their security posture more effectively and confidently.”

Highlights of Xint include:

  • Cloud security: Continuous monitoring and enhanced visibility into cloud configurations, resource utilization, and access controls to respond swiftly to potential security risks.
  • External threat detection: Security tools designed to defend against unauthorized access for externally facing applications, including web applications, APIs, mobile apps, and third-party integrations.
  • Offensive security AI engine: A revolutionary approach to penetration testing that combines the expertise of award-winning offensive cybersecurity veterans with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that pinpoints vulnerabilities with precision.

“With Xint, we’re not just reacting to cyber threats; we’re anticipating and helping to neutralize them as they arise,” Pak concluded.

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