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Low-code security automation company Swimlane LLC today announced Swimlane Marketplace, a full-stack modular marketplace for security automation.

Claimed to go beyond the typical marketplace by facilitating seamless integration and simplifying automation, the new Swimlane Marketplace has been designed to empower organizations to streamline security operations across any technology stack or use case with bespoke solutions.

At the core of the new offering is a pitch to make it easier and simpler than ever to automate. The new marketplace offers a dynamically expanding library of connectors, a variety of widgets, reusable components and prebuilt solutions, according to the company.

Swimlane says the new Marketplace differs from existing marketplaces by taking it further through a carefully curated series of playbooks, applications, dashboards and reports incorporated into prebuilt solutions for an end-to-end use case. The marketplace use cases take the guesswork and building burden off of customers, providing them with the resources required to automate the security operations centers, use cases spanning phishing, case and incident management and alert triage for security information and event management, endpoint detection and response, and extended detection and response.

Other features of the new marketplace inlcude the ability to enhance collaborative automation across teams and technologies by introducing automation extensions — specialized applications that boost functionality.

Key extensions include the Multi-Vendor Threat Intelligence, which enriches and normalizes indicators of compromise across various sources with a dedicated dashboard and Hero AI Crafted Prompts for Swimlane’s Hero AI that generate human-readable prompts for the Swimlane large language model based on alerts, cases and intelligence. In addition, the Collaboration Extension integrates Swimlane Turbine, the company’s AI-enabled, low-code security automation platform with messaging systems, enabling seamless communication to manage security incident responses efficiently.

“The Swimlane Marketplace represents a turning point for the SecOps community,” Cody Cornell, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Swimlane, said ahead of the release at the annual RSA Conference. “By enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing, we’re empowering security professionals to collectively build a robust library of automations and best practices. This will ultimately lead to a future where the SecOps community itself drives innovation and sets the standard for security automation excellence.”

Photo: Swimlane

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