Superbet Group Reaffirms Its Place in the Global Cybersecurity Elite by Participating in the Ambassador World Cup 2024, Organized by HackerOne –

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Superbet Group is among the three companies selected internationally by HackerOne to participate in this year’s edition of the Ambassador World Cup – the world’s most prestigious live-hacking competition.

HackerOne is an American company specializing in cyberattack resilience management. Their operational model combines the security expertise of ethical hackers with the continuous discovery and assessment of vulnerabilities to improve processes and reduce risks for their partner organizations. Additionally, HackerOne is one of the pioneers of crowd-sourced security, leveraging the expertise of cybersecurity researchers and offering bounties for identifying cyber vulnerabilities.

Over the years, the HackerOne network has paid out over $230 million in rewards for bug and vulnerability identification. HackerOne’s clients include companies such as General Motors, GitHub, Goldman Sachs, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, PayPal, Slack, and Twitter.

The Ambassador World Cup is an annual competition that offers development opportunities for the hacking teams within HackerOne’s ambassador program, and serves to connect HackerOne’s client portfolio with the global community of cybersecurity experts.

Alexandru Jay Bălan, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Superbet Group, commented: “In the last two years since we began our partnership with HackerOne, Superbet has become one of the most challenging targets for the active hacker community on this platform. Moreover, being selected among the three companies to participate in the Ambassador World Cup represents international recognition and certifies our commitment to having a solid cybersecurity strategy. The ability to protect our customers’ personal data is essential for our business model and for the global expansion plans of the Superbet Group. We invest significant resources and work with the best cybersecurity experts to develop a complex information security framework and maintain the strong trust relationship we have with the users of our digital products.”

This year’s competition takes place from May 28 to June 6, with Amazon and Mercado Libre being the other two selected companies. In 2023, the Ambassador World Cup gathered 674 cybersecurity experts from 24 countries, who submitted over 2,900 cases of potential vulnerabilities they identified. Organizers reward hackers with up to $25,000 for each critical vulnerability identified, with last year’s total prize pool reaching $1.8 million.

Superbet’s presence at this elite event reaffirms the company’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of cybersecurity for its digital product users and the operators it collaborates with in terms of payments and data analysis.

About Superbet Group

Founded in 2008, Superbet is a tech and entertainment company and the leading sports betting operator in Romania. The group is also present in 12 countries, with key markets in Romania, Belgium, Poland, Serbia, and Brazil. Among the group’s shareholders is the American giant Blackstone, the world’s largest investment fund, which made a strategic minority investment of €175 million in 2019. Superbet is a member of IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association) and is the only Romanian company awarded four times at the Central & Eastern European Gaming Conference with the regional excellence trophy for Best Sports Betting Operator in Central and Eastern Europe.

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