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 33N Ventures leads investment in AI startup empowering security-centric companies to break silos, build intelligent defenses and maximize security protection.

DALLAS, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — StrikeReady, the AI-pioneer advancing the way modern security teams operate, today announced $12 million in funding. The Series A round was led by 33N Ventures, with participation from Hitachi Ventures, Monta Vista Capitaland industry luminaries Brian NeSmith, executive chairman and former CEO at Arctic Wolf; and Rod Beckstrom, former CEO of ICANN and Founding Director of U.S. National Cybersecurity Center (now CISA).

StrikeReady is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its groundbreaking, vendor-neutral AI security operations platform. This one-of-a-kind solution seamlessly integrates with organizations existing security tools, unifying the entire tech stack. StrikeReady’s command center makes SOC teams more efficient and effective by uniting, centralizing and operationalizing security, fostering smarter, faster decision-making and proactive security defense. 

SOC environments are complex, and the tools traditionally used to manage security have proven ineffective and inefficient in bringing disparate technologies together and keeping companies ahead of threats. Further complicating the issue is the perpetual shortage of skilled security professionals, which hampers the ability to manage and respond to security incidents, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber threats. These challenges are driving the growth of StrikeReady, which is transforming the way modern security teams operate by reinventing how everything works together, while delivering a comprehensive, trustworthy view of security threats.

“Our security management platform up-levels and scales the capability of any SOC by making best-of-breed AI automation accessible and affordable for everyone,” Founder and CEO Yasir Khalid said. “The platform leverages AI to streamline and automate the routine and empower better, faster response to complex threats. Until now, our customers have referred to StrikeReady as a ‘well-kept secret’, but this funding will accelerate market awareness and growth.”

StrikeReady has secured Series A funding amidst challenging investment conditions, a testament to the sophistication of its AI solution and the pressing cybersecurity challenges it addresses. Despite turbulent times, StrikeReady’s innovative approach to how security teams work has garnered significant investor confidence, positioning the company as a leader in cybersecurity. StrikeReady intends to use its new funding to extend its product leadership in AI-based SOC technology, ramp its global go-to-market team, and continue scaling its infrastructure.

“StrikeReady is breaking the mold of conventional security solutions. We refuse to believe that security-centric companies should be confined to one platform. Instead, we champion the idea that teams should have the freedom to utilize the best-of-breed technology available,” said Carlos Moreira da Silva, co-founder and partner at 33N Ventures. “StrikeReady turns this belief into reality through its dedication to seamless integrations, ensuring compatibility with the diverse array of tools utilized by SOC teams today and tomorrow.”

“StrikeReady pioneers a groundbreaking AI-powered Security Command Center. Their hybrid model augments human intuition with cutting-edge AI and ML technologies. The mission: Streamlining tool sprawl, bridging the cybersecurity skills gap, all while placing humans – equipped with unparalleled guidance and automation – firmly at the helm of the cyber defense arsenal,” said Galina Sagan, Principal at Hitachi Ventures.

About StrikeReady:
Founded in 2019, StrikeReady is an AI pioneer in cybersecurity. StrikeReady introduces the first unified, vendor-agnostic, AI-powered security command center, purpose-built for modern SOC teams to optimize, centralize and accelerate a company’s threat response.

StrikeReady remains at the forefront of advancing beyond traditional AI and large language model (LLM) to a proprietary large action model (LAM), which takes actions across the technology stack based on a user’s prompts. The company’s forward-thinking AI technology has earned several external accolades, including validation from Gartner, which called the company out as the only Virtual Security Assistant in its Gartner Emerging Technologies: Tech Innovators in Advanced Virtual Assistants report.

The platform’s user-centric approach uplevels the entire security team into a proactive AI-powered cyber task force by dynamically centralizing, informing and advising security teams with a smarter, holistic and actionable defense against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

StrikeReady helps companies simultaneously reduce cyber threats and overcome the cyber talent deficit. For CISOs and security leaders who want more information on StrikeReady’s unified AI-powered security platform: Request a demo or Learn more.

About 33N:
33N is a specialized cybersecurity and infrastructure software European venture capital fund investing globally in €1-€10M ARR companies. 33N is made up of an experienced and established international team investing in the space for the last 10 years. The fund is supported by a strong Strategic Committee and Advisory Board encompassing +40 top entrepreneurs, experts and decision-makers spread worldwide and across the industry. Find more about 33N at

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