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JAKARTA – South Korea is proud to announce that the country will host the second global Artificial Intelligence Security Conference (AI), which is scheduled to take place on May 21-22. This announcement follows the success of the inaugural event held at Bletchley Park, United Kingdom.

The upcoming event aims to build on previous deals in Bletchley’s Declaration, which marks the commitment of countries such as the United States and China to work together in regulating AI effectively. The South Korean government stated that the summit would emphasize the importance of international cooperation in addressing risks and challenges related to the rapid development of AI.

Commenting on the announcement, Lee Jong-Ho of South Korea’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology said, “This Artificial Intelligence Security Summit will be an important continuation of the previous summit in Bletchley last year. This is a milestone in which governments, industry, and academics gather to address AI’s potential risks. I am pleased that the Republic of Korea can take over the stick from Britain in this endeavor.”


The event will feature key panelists from various backgrounds, including government, industry, and academics, who will discuss strategies to globally regulate AI development and implementation. Discussions will also focus on promoting inclusion and diversity in the development of AI technology.

Participation in this event is open to government representatives, leaders of the technology industry, academics, and practitioners related to AI from around the world. Registration will be opened soon and more information can be found on official event websites.

With this event, South Korea hopes to make a significant contribution in building a safe and sustainable AI technology future for global prosperity.

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