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SAN FRANCISCOU.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a quick trip to the Bay Area on Monday.

He started his day with a tour of biotech startup Antheia in Menlo Park. The U.S. State Department said the lab uses synthetic biology to produce ingredients for critical medicines.

Blinken also joined a discussion with biotech leaders from around the Bay Area about their role in solving global challenges and the impact they’re having on national security and foreign policy.

In the afternoon, he headlined the first day of the RSA Conference at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. RSAC is one of the biggest gatherings of cybersecurity, government, and business leaders discussing the threats they’re facing.

Top of mind for conference attendees was artificial intelligence.

“The United States is working to build global momentum around harnessing AI for good,” said Blinken “As confident as we are in its potential, we’re deeply aware of its risks.”

Blinken used his keynote address to unveil the Biden administration’s new global cybersecurity strategy. At its core, protecting allies and blunting the cyber influence of the likes of Russia and China. The plan calls for the U.m. to work with allies to protect them from threats like hacking and misinformation, especially during elections.

“We can’t tolerate technologies the United States has developed, being used against us or our friends, falling into the hands of bad actors, or enhancing the military capabilities of strategic competitors,” said Blinken.

Tony Sabaj of global cybersecurity firm Check Point in Redwood City, said he supports the government’s updated plan.

“They’re our allies and if they’re being breached, we’re being breached,” said Sabaj. “Really cybersecurity has become the new front line in any conflict and warfare these days.”

The plan updates the U.S. cybersecurity strategy for the first time in 13 years. The threats have become more advanced and exacerbated by the growth and use of AI.

Sabaj said U.S. officials must adapt and use AI technology for good, along with partnering with experts in the private sector.

“We can see the power of the private community, working with the government to be able to accelerate technology advances and the use of this good technology for keeping all of us safe,” said Sabaj.

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