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In San Antonio, a new opportunity is taking shape for those interested in cybersecurity, as NukuDo launches a paid training program designed to fast-track candidates into this fast-growing field. Michael Blair, the Managing Director of NukuDo, has detailed an approach that removes typical barriers for entry into the cybersecurity industry – offering a six-month paid training program that includes a monthly stipend and a promise of job placement.

“We will actually eliminate every barrier it takes to get them into the industry, including paying for them to come and learn from us for six months. And then on top of that, we’re going to get them certified to a level that’s significantly higher than most in the industry,” Blair told KENS 5. Trainees can expect to earn $4,000 a month plus full benefits during their education, including dental, health care, vision, and a 401k match.

Following the training, NukuDo guarantees employment for its trainees, with a three-year commitment to a role in the industry at a starting salary of $66,000. “We’re going to put our money where our mouth is…Our education is so on point with what an industry is demanding, particularly for the mid-level roles,” Blair said in the same interview.

The program is open to all applicants, irrespective of their educational or professional background. Blair emphasized the dual nature of the program’s benefits, stating, “Not only are we helping the cybersecurity industry find the talent that is so difficult, for them to find, hire, keep and retain but we are changing people’s lives in the process,” according to an KSAT report. In addition to the training program, NukuDo also covers certification costs and aids in connecting graduates with its business partners. The courses are set to take place at the Rand Building in downtown San Antonio.

NukuDo’s initiative surfaces at a time when San Antonio is already home to about 100 operational cybersecurity firms in the private sector, as reported by Greater: SATX. The program has generated excitement among its participants, with trainee Jaclyn Birkenstock expressing her enthusiasm: “I am incredibly grateful for the chance that Nukudo is sharing and giving me, and I am looking forward to the future that NukuDo has for me,” she told KSAT. This blend of practical training and employment assurance could mark a pivotal step in not only bolstering the cybersecurity workforce but also in providing accessible career paths for many.

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