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Founded in 2007, Northern Ireland-based RE:SURE has taken a significant leap in security monitoring services across the UK and Ireland by integrating Silicon Valley’s Camect AI technology. This strategic move has drastically reduced false alarms and propelled business growth, showcasing the transformative power of AI in enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Challenging the Status Quo

RE:SURE, under the leadership of Managing Director Jason Rosborough, recognized the need for innovation in tackling the overwhelming volume of false alarms burdening their monitoring staff. Initially plagued by nearly 750,000 false alarms monthly, the company’s quest for a solution led them to explore various AI technologies. Despite initial skepticism about AI’s reliability, the encounter with Camect, a company founded by former Google computer scientists, marked a turning point. Camect’s AI, distinguished by its unparalleled accuracy and continuous learning capabilities, promised to address the false alarm dilemma head-on.

A Transformative Partnership


The collaboration between RE:SURE and Camect has been nothing short of revolutionary. The introduction of Camect’s Smart Camera Hub to RE:SURE’s systems brought the monthly alert volume down from 50,000 with the previous AI solution to a mere 3,000. This significant reduction in false alarms has not only alleviated the pressure on monitoring staff but also enhanced the quality of customer service. Daniel Cassidy, a control center supervisor at RE:SURE, highlighted the newfound confidence and excitement among the team, underscoring the system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Implications for Future Security Monitoring

This partnership has set a new benchmark for security monitoring, with RE:SURE more than doubling its business volume in less than two years. The success story of RE:SURE and Camect underscores the critical role of AI in transforming the security industry. By prioritizing accuracy and efficiency, they have demonstrated that it is possible to achieve rapid business growth without compromising service quality. The experience of high-profile customers like former Liverpool footballer John Aldridge, who has expressed profound satisfaction with the system, further validates the impact of this technological advancement on enhancing security and peace of mind for end-users.

The journey of RE:SURE and Camect illuminates the path forward for security monitoring services. It highlights the importance of embracing innovative solutions to longstanding challenges and the potential of AI to redefine industry standards. As RE:SURE continues to expand its footprint, the lessons from its collaboration with Camect offer valuable insights for businesses seeking to leverage technology for operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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