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RestorePoint.AI, a data services provider, has launched a cloud-delivered Secure Managed Data Service (SMDS). This new service enables midsize organisations to benefit from analytics and Generative AI (GenAI) technology, and harvest valuable intelligence from their data, irrespective of where it is stored. SMDS is designed to fill the gap for secure data management services for businesses that do not have resources to create and manage their own analytics and GenAI infrastructures, the company states.

Data is increasingly invaluable to businesses, often scattered across multiple clouds or trapped in isolated systems. Consequently, extracting, processing, connecting, analysing, storing and protecting data can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. However, according to global research and advisory firm Gartner, ‘Data and Analytics (D&A) leaders should evaluate and test the GenAI-enabled data management capabilities and roadmaps provided by the vendors and avoid building your solution unless a use case delivering strong business value has been identified.’ While large organisations typically possess the expertise and budget to capitalise on their data resources, access to such capabilities is often beyond midsize businesses. Consequently, RestorePoint.AI is forging a mission to ‘democratise BI (Business Intelligence) and GenAI’.

As part of a strategic push to upscale its operations, RestorePoint.AI has also announced the appointment of serial tech entrepreneur Ken Ammon to its Board of Directors. Mr Ammon brings a wealth of industry experience; his previous roles include pivotal positions at OPQ Networks, Xceedium, and NetSec. Alongside Mr Ammon, Mike Funk, who launched AT&T’s Managed Network Solutions achieving over $500 million in revenue, has been appointed CFO, and Anurag Jain, former SVP of Engineering at OPQ and WebMD, as the new VP of Engineering.

RestorePoint.AI’s platform exhibits a high degree of scalability and flexibility, offering a composable application architecture enabling components to be utilised, reused, combined, and customised based on business needs and objectives. The service focusses on streamlining data management processes, emphasising security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a desirable solution for businesses that handle large volumes of data requiring regular synchronisation and secure management.

Dave Albano, CEO of RestorePoint.AI stated, “Today’s businesses face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing and unlocking value from vast amounts of their data which includes complex data extraction, synchronization and security functions. The RestorePoint.AI Secure Managed Data Service not only simplifies these processes but also significantly reduces operational costs and the need for hard to find technical resources.”

Benefits of the service include simplified interconnection for the integration and synchronisation of various data sources, enhanced security throughout the data’s lifecycle, cost-efficiency compared to traditional data management solutions, and ability to scale with business needs.

RestorePoint.AI’s Secure Managed Data Service is available immediately to clients around the globe, offering solutions for midsize enterprises aiming to unlock the potential of their data.

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