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PVML has announced the general availability of its platform for secure AI-powered data access alongside the news it has raised $8 million in Seed funding. The round was led by NFX with participation from FJ Labs and Gefen Capital.

Every company that processes data has threats to its security, even if these may vary in terms of complexity, variety, or scale. The adoption of AI has posed one of the biggest threats with more than half (51%) of enterprises still having limited or non-existent AI adoption, and an additional 56% citing security and compliance as a major barrier.

“Minimizing threats and maximizing opportunities in one fell swoop sounds too good to be true – and it is,” said PVML co-founder and CEO Shachar Schnapp. “The pain point we originally wanted to address was streamlining access to data. We were motivated by our own experience, seeing how cumbersome accessing data can be, even in the most sophisticated enterprises. We thought – there has to be a better way.”

PVML democratizes secure access to enterprise data based on two pillars: Differential Privacy and AI. Differential Privacy is a mathematical framework that offers the strongest data safeguard in data-driven systems by adding controlled noise to the output. The company helps connect, provide access, and guarantee privacy across multiple data sources, unlocking live insights even from sensitive data. This framework has been pioneered by tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft via its implementation.

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Rina Galperin, co-founder and CTO, added: “We help organizations get visibility on everything in one place, without moving data. PVML secures and controls permissions regardless of how the data is accessed – via SQL, BI, or API. But we thought – why stop there? We went one step further. PVML unlocks access to complicated data for non-technical users, offering a natural language interface to analyze data with AI.”

PVML, founded in 2022, was selected to participate in the Intel Ignite program, a startup growth acceleration program. Co-founders Galperin and Schnapp are both Computer Science postgraduates, with experience in business and pleasure – the two are also co-CEOs of their home as a married couple.

“PVML’s unique technology creates an invisible layer of protection and democratizes access to data, enabling monetization use cases today and paving the way for tomorrow”, said Gigi Levy-Weiss, NFX General Partner and co-founder.

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