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Phil Owens of Stamus Networks Explores the Shift in Network Security

Phil Owens, vice president of customer solutions, Stamus Networks

The network security landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. Phil Owens, vice president of customer solutions at Stamus Networks, shared insights on how the need for transparency is reshaping client experiences and expectations in cybersecurity. This strategic shift focuses on minimizing noise and maximizing clarity for security operations center analysts. Security analysts must understand the “why” behind alerts in network security and have visibility into the network, “so they are able to see the blind spots,” he said.

“The traditional intrusion detection system, IDS, is what a lot of people call ‘alert cannon,’ a ‘machine gun.’ It’s delivering so much noise to the SOC analysts that might be trying to protect the network. And what ends up happening is: They put that into a data lake, and they do what we call ‘store and ignore.’ And all of that data is just there,” Owens said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2024, Owens also discussed:

  • Why network security tends to be overlooked by enterprises;
  • Pain points for customers related to existing network security;
  • How Stamus Networks differentiates itself in the market with a unique approach to network security.

Owens has more than 25 years of experience in the IT, networking and cybersecurity sectors, and he has been a trusted adviser to several fortune 500 companies as a systems engineer. Prior to joining Stamus Networks, Owens has worked with major companies such as RSA Security, AT&T and IBM.

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