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In a cybersecurity landscape of proliferating threats and increasing complexity, Tanium and ServiceNow are working together to provide joint solutions that multiply the power of our respective platforms to deliver complete asset visibility, better user experiences, lower vulnerability risk, and improved compliance by combining real-time endpoint data with smooth IT operations and automated security workflows.

The new “cybersecurity” kid on the block is Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow, which leverages the capabilities of the Tanium XEM platform and its single endpoint agent to unify IT, security, and risk teams in organizations in all industries and market segments. With Tanium and ServiceNow, your teams will proactively identify, prioritize, and remediate risk from vulnerabilities, unauthorized changes, non-compliant configurations, and security incidents.

Challenges facing IT security and operations teams are real. And growing

Managing cybersecurity risks is increasingly challenging for organizations. Many are dealing with ever-expanding physical and virtual infrastructures, hybrid or remote workforces, and a proliferation of software and end-user devices. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and threats has never been more difficult.

Even when a security team has identified a vulnerability or risk, correlation and prioritization pose additional difficulties. Compatibility issues, resource constraints, and manual processes can leave critical gaps exposed, and patch remediation oftentimes requires extensive coordination, validation, and unplanned or non-documented efforts.

And while keeping an organization secure is a cross-team, collaborative effort, IT and security operations often work with different data sources, tools, and platforms, creating difficulties in correlation, planning, and automation. From security incidents to compliance audits, a lack of clarity among teams can lead to wasteful actions and inaccurate assessments, further putting the organization at risk.

Here are some of the specific hurdles companies are facing when trying to keep themselves secure:

  • Limited visibility into IT environments, compounded by stale and inaccurate configuration management database (CMDB) data, leads to difficulties in assessing the true impact of risk to the business
  • Increasing complexity and scale of IT infrastructures, as well as the tools used to monitor and protect these infrastructures
  • Disconnected platforms and tools used by different teams make it difficult to properly identify and prioritize risk
  • Lack of automation often has resources performing manual tasks that are time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient
  • Delayed identification of security incidents and risk indicators, which leaves organizations vulnerable to active threats and risk exposure

The difficulty of securing enterprises is not likely to get any easier with the rise in hybrid work models. According to research by Gartner, “the resulting expansion of attack surfaces has prompted organizations to become more agile and responsive in their approach to cyber defense, often taking on additional projects to bolster maturity. To keep up with the changing landscape, security and risk management leaders must develop strategies centered on business risk instead of just adopting new ways to do the same things better.”

The risk of exposed vulnerabilities and security incidents is a constant and ever-evolving threat for every CISO, and even one attack can drastically damage a brand and impact the bottom line. Today’s security leaders need complete visibility and control across an expanding and distributed landscape, and they must coordinate their efforts with other teams.

Introducing Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow

To address the challenges security leaders and teams are facing today, Tanium has announced the release of Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow.

The new offering combines capabilities from the Tanium XEM platform and our Risk & Compliance and Digital Employee Experience solutions that are optimized for use with ServiceNow. This solution, along with Tanium ITX for ServiceNow, is part of Tanium’s technical alliance with ServiceNow.

With Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow, organizations can: achieve a number of objectives, including:

  • Proactively identify vulnerabilities and configuration gaps, and correlate with ServiceNow CMDB configuration items
  • Automate patch orchestration through change management processes, to reduce risk exposure
  • Improve security incident detection and response times with real-time data enrichment and remediation actioning
  • Prepare for compliance audits, whether planned or otherwise
  • Immediately identify and flag unauthorized changes to files and registries
  • Get cognitive insights into vulnerability risk with a single data source, prioritize remediation efforts based on business criticality, and accelerate fixes with coordinated actions and automated workflows
  • Eliminate the manual and ad hoc efforts spent hunting and remediating vulnerabilities, with vulnerability content libraries, comprehensive scanning, and automated risk calculations

Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow unifies IT, security, and risk teams in ServiceNow so they can proactively identify, prioritize, and remediate risks from vulnerabilities, unauthorized changes, non-compliant configurations, and security incidents.

Modern cybersecurity requires extensive cross-functional collaboration. That’s why data and workflow silos between IT security and operations teams can be extremely detrimental to business. Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow helps break down silos between these teams so that they can more effectively collaborate on vulnerability response – from identification through patch remediation.

Furthermore, Tanium’s real-time visibility and control at scale, combined with the workflow automation and contextual data of ServiceNow, can maximize a company’s investment in both platforms.

With ServiceNow digital security workflows, automation, and orchestration, teams can speed up tasks such as analysis, prioritization, and remediation. They can automatically correlate threat intelligence from multiple sources, or act from a central console. An enterprise can track its security posture across the organization, which is welcome news to security leaders.

Learn more about Tanium’s ongoing partnership with ServiceNow at our Partner Spotlight page.

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