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Ahead of the eagerly anticipated AFL season, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has unveiled a significant security upgrade, incorporating AI-powered full body weapon detectors at all entrances. This initiative, marking the venue as the pioneer in the southern hemisphere to adopt such advanced technology, aims to streamline the entry process and bolster security measures, ensuring a safer and more efficient fan experience.


Revolutionizing Event Security

With the AFL season opener featuring Richmond against Carlton, fans attending the games at Australia’s iconic MCG will experience firsthand the efficiency and effectiveness of these new scanners. Developed by Evolv Technology, the technology has been successfully deployed across various venues in the United States, enhancing security while minimizing entry delays. The AI-based system, capable of scanning up to 3,600 individuals per hour, utilizes an advanced combination of cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence to detect prohibited items, significantly outperforming traditional metal detectors in both speed and accuracy.

Enhanced Fan Experience


Beyond security upgrades, the MCG has introduced additional improvements aimed at elevating the overall fan experience. Among these are a new food and drink service designed to reduce wait times, allowing fans to purchase refreshments without the hassle of queuing, and updated turnstile mechanisms to facilitate smoother entry. MCG management, spearheaded by Stuart Fox, emphasizes their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, affirming that these enhancements are part of a long-term strategy to set new standards in event security, efficiency, and convenience.

Community and Health Considerations

Addressing potential health concerns associated with the new technology, MCG officials assure fans that the AI-powered scanners pose no health risks. For those still apprehensive, alternative traditional metal detectors will remain available. This inclusive approach reflects the venue’s dedication to accommodating all attendees’ needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for everyone. The adoption of Evolv’s system at the MCG may well inspire similar upgrades at other major sporting and entertainment venues, setting a new benchmark for security and operational efficiency.

This pioneering move by the MCG not only highlights the evolving landscape of public event security but also underscores the increasing reliance on technological innovations to meet contemporary challenges. As fans and stakeholders alike observe the impact of these advancements on the AFL season opener and beyond, the broader implications for event management, fan engagement, and security protocols in sporting venues worldwide will undoubtedly become a topic of keen interest and discussion. With this state-of-the-art security upgrade, the MCG reaffirms its status as a leader in providing safe, enjoyable, and seamless event experiences for all.

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