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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday its intention to launch security operations similar to Al-Battawin campaign in downtown Baghdad, which resulted in the arrest of hundreds of suspects.

Colonel Muqdad Miri, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, told Shafaq News Agency, “Al-Battawin Campaign is ongoing until this moment and will not end until normal life is restored to the area.”

He noted that “the campaign has led to the arrest of more than 600 suspects in various cases,” confirming that “similar operations will be conducted in several areas.”

Last Thursday, security forces initiated a comprehensive security and service operation in “Al-Battawin”, the widest in years, which has become a haven for “prostitution, drug production and trafficking, and organized crime,” according to Iraqi authorities speaking to Shafaq News Agency.

Two days ago, the Ministry of Interior announced confiscating properties and buildings illegally occupied by individuals in Al-Battawin, inviting those whose homes or properties were encroached upon within the area to visit Al-Saadoun Police Station.

Al-Battawin is located in central Baghdad, a few meters away from the Liberty Monument, between the famous Abu Nuwas Street and the Tigris River to the west. It is bordered by Tahrir Square to the north and the Karrada district to the south.

The area hosts renowned cinemas, hotels, commercial stores, and various types of large companies, lining both sides of Al-Saadoun Street, which intersects it from Al-Firdous Square to Tahrir Square, and is surrounded by Victory Square, representing the largest concentration of medical specialties in the country.

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