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Introducing SpectraOne thing you quickly realize in cybersecurity is that change is a constant. Cyber criminals, nation-state hacking crews, and ideologically motivated hackers are always on the lookout for new technologies, tools, and tactics that give them an edge against defenders. Defenders and those who equip them must also constantly adapt: embracing change as a means of staying one step ahead of the threats. 

It’s with that in mind that ReversingLabs this week unveiled the Spectra Advanced File Analysis and Malware Detection suite, an updated, unified suite for file analysis and threat detection. This significant evolution of our file analysis and malware detection product portfolio is designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of modern cybersecurity and security operations teams. 

A unified suite of tools, Spectra merges our file analysis and threat detection products (formerly A1000 and Titanium) into a cohesive product suite built on Spectra Core, RL’s proprietary engine for doing advanced file analysis and malware detection. Spectra Core leverages AI-driven complex binary analysis and the world’s largest repository of threat intelligence, comprising more than 40 billion searchable files to help deconstruct the largest and most complex files, identifying threats, suspicious behaviors, and other indicators of compromise (IOCs).  

Expanding The Landscape of Threat Intelligence

For more than 15 years, ReversingLabs has been singularly focused on providing organizations with credible, trusted file analysis and malware detection. With the Spectra Advanced Analysis and Malware Detection suite, we’re taking things a step further.  

With Spectra, we are expanding the landscape of deep file inspection by providing an integrated solution that provides faster and better insights for security operations and threat intelligence teams – regardless of volume, file size, or location across the enterprise,” said Mario Vuksan, RL’s CEO. 

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This unified portfolio addresses some of the most critical issues facing enterprise security teams:

  • Scalable File Analysis – Address the massive increase in object volume and size that existing solutions can’t process or analyze with the fastest results — across all ingestion points in the enterprise (email/storage/cloud shares/UCC).
  • Automated Malware Analysis & Triage – Increase the speed and efficiency of SOC teams of all levels with automation, streamlined workflows, and actionable intelligence.
  • Optimized Dynamic Analysis – Reduce sandbox costs and loads while simultaneously increasing file and volume coverage delivering decisive threat verdicts.
  • High-Fidelity Threat Intelligence – Reduce alerts while delivering trusted file and network intelligence, IOC’s, relevant threat indicators, and deep malware insights.

The Spectra Suite

So what is Spectra? It’s a portfolio of products for advanced file analysis and threat detection that includes:

  • Spectra Detect – Provides the only high-volume, high-speed analysis of even the largest files from across the enterprise infrastructure, supporting custom detection rules, IOC extraction, and rich behavioral reports across email gateway, network shares, and cloud storage.
  • Spectra Analyze – Upskills SOC teams of all levels with the most comprehensive and accurate file and network threat analysis that drastically reduces speed-to-verdict. 
  • Spectra Intelligence – Provides a rich library of API-accessible comprehensive file and network intelligence and verified threat classifications, enabling teams to act quickly, confidently, and decisively.

Going to RSAC? Come Check Us Out! 

If Spectra sounds like something your company can use, come check us out at the RSA Conference from May 6-9 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco. RL will be showcasing the Spectra portfolio, including Spectra Assure, the recently announced Software Supply Chain Security solution at the RL booth, #4528.

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