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ST. LOUIS — Managed service provider Interface Systems has released it’s now enhanced customer portal, One View Edge.

The service promises its customers greater visibility and easier access to critical information on all Interface services.

According to Brian Garavuso, CTO at Interface, “The new One View Edge portal will provide immediate benefits to our customers with its intuitive user interface, comprehensive network analytics, security management, and streamlined self-management features.”

One View Edge is designed to eliminate information bottlenecks for customers by offering contextual data and insights needed for complex and large-scale managed services deployment. Key capabilities of One View Edge include security manager features, enhanced network statistics, and direct access to partner portals among other enhancements.

“At Interface, we believe in continuous improvement through active engagement with our customers. Interface is committed to further enhancing One View Edge. We are planning to launch advanced security events dashboards, enhanced video viewers, and more, all aimed at delivering an unparalleled customer experience,” said Garavuso.

Additionally Interface is participating in a webinar where participants will be provided a remote tour of an interactive, TMA five-diamond UL-certified, security operations center (SOC) that promises to offer retail & restaurant asset protection teams new insights into modern security strategies.

Organized by the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) and sponsored by Cradlepoint, the event will be led by asset protection specialists discussing how retail and restaurant chains can leverage modern technologies to safeguard against major concerns including crime, loitering, and vagrancy.

The One View Edge portal is currently available to all existing Interface customers and any new customers who sign up for Interface services.

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