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Illumio revealed a host of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and automation enhancements to its platform today, including a new AI-powered labelling engine. The new features strive to secure hybrid environments and facilitate companies’ transition to Zero Trust more readily.

The AI-driven labelling function presents users with immediate visibility of assets within data centres and cloud atmospheres and hastens the implementation of Zero Trust Segmentation. The technology promotes swift responses to the emergence of new applications and services and offers the adaptability to streamline labelling in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. With Illumio’s automated labelling, businesses can begin segmenting their areas in no time by simplifying policy management and minimising manual input. The AI-powered labelling engine also tackles configuration errors and provides security compliance with consistent and continuous categorisation of workloads.

The refresh continues to popularise Zero Trust Segmentation, with Illumio making it easier and faster to scale up. The innovative rules-based engine and AI capabilities allow enterprises to label workloads and enforce security policies with greater speed. Cloud workloads, scrutinising network traffic, flow logs, and workload metadata, are now automatically labelled. There are additional updates to the ZTS platform as well.

One vital addition is the Illumio Virtual Advisor (IVA), an AI chatbot designed to boost team efficiency and enable organisations to comprehend and reduce their risk profiles more rapidly. Utilising natural language for instant answers and actions, the IVA represents a significant leap forward. Another major update is the policy recommendations for containment and resilience. Using machine learning, Illumio can now propose day-one security policies for critical workloads, such as databases, ensuring that security measures are in place within the first day of deployment.

Despite Zero Trust becoming the go-to strategy for building cyber resilience and being endorsed by organisations like the National Security Agency, research reveals that less than half of IT and security decision-makers have deployed micro-segmentation across on-premise and cloud environments. 95% agree that they need better security that can keep up with modern business speeds.

Through this latest release, Illumio now provides an even more comprehensive Zero Trust Segmentation Platform. This platform aims to help businesses easily identify and contain threats in the cloud, data centre, and endpoints.

According to Mario Espinoza, Chief Product Officer at Illumio, “Cybersecurity teams have never been under more substantial pressure and need a straightforward and scalable way to build resilience swiftly. We aim to make Zero Trust Segmentation more intuitive and effective, providing peace of mind in an increasingly complex and evolving digital landscape. Our latest innovations not only reduce the complexity of labelling hybrid and multi-cloud environments but also alleviate skill gaps by using AI and machine learning to provide predictable, user-friendly, and intelligent assistance on the path to Zero Trust.”

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