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Illumio, a player in Zero Trust Segmentation, has entered into a partnership with the cloud security provider Wiz. The partnership sees Illumio joining the Wiz Integrations (WIN) Platform. The integration will significantly enhance the WIN offering by incorporating the powerful Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation platform into the partner ecosystem. This will ease the process of integrating Wiz into existing Illumio workflows for customers.

The WIN platform will now enable Wiz and Illumio to share prioritised security findings containing valuable context, including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration discoveries. Customers will undoubtedly benefit from this new partnership, seeing robust improvements in several areas of their cloud operations. Enhanced visibility will offer organisations a deeper insight into their cloud environments, improving threat detection capabilities and allowing more effective implementation of proactive segmentation controls.

The integration will bring significant improvements in vulnerability management due to the detection of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and the addition of application deployment and traffic flow telemetry data between workloads. A faster breach containment process will be realised due to the adoption of granular access controls based on real-time threat intelligence, reducing the attack surface and automatically containing likely breaches.

Recently, organisations have relied more on the cloud to conduct critical operations and secure their most valuable data. Consequently, cloud attacks have become more complex and widespread. Illumio’s Cloud Security Index reveals that nearly 50% of all data breaches begin in the cloud, with costs averaging USD $4.1 million to organisations. Recognising the gaps in cloud security, approximately 95% of security decision-makers identify the need for improved visibility and reaction times to cloud breaches and more efficient security operations.

Philip Bues, Research Manager for Cloud Security at IDC, explains, “Cloud security teams are moving from merely reacting to security alerts common to most cloud environments to a new scenario where they acknowledge that breaches will occur. Therefore, they must recognise cloud misconfigurations, software vulnerabilities, and active threats, and must proactively apply segmentation controls to contain attacks.” Bues further elucidates that the integration of threat detection and micro-segmentation strategies lets organisations proactively manage their cloud security postures, utilising the principles of zero trust segmentation to effectively moderate risk.

Todd Palmer, Senior Vice President of Global Partner Sales and Alliances at Illumio, comments, “In cloud security, leaders must swiftly contain attacks in an ever-evolving environment where attackers are using every trick in the book to gain access and move around.” Palmer adds that the fusion of the platforms will enable organisations to proactively manage vulnerability and breach containment in the cloud, thereby significantly enhancing cyber resilience.

Oron Noah, Head of Product Extensibility and Partnerships at Wiz, explains, “The combined power of Wiz and Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform presents organisations with a complete cloud security solution. It includes threat detection, vulnerability management, and segmentation for public cloud applications and workloads.” Noah firmly believes this integration demonstrates Wiz’s commitment to delivering revolutionary solutions that shield digital assets and secure them against emerging cyber threats.

WIN aims to facilitate a cooperative cloud security operating model, where security and cloud teams work in unison to comprehend and control risks across their CI/CD pipeline. Wiz is reshaping the industry standard in integrated solutions strategies to augment the operational capabilities of organisations, having partners like Illumio in WIN.

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