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With the emergence of quantum computing threats, industry leaders are collaborating to develop strong cybersecurity solutions. The Hyperform consortium brings together key players in cybersecurity and post-quantum technology, including IDEMIA Secure Transactions, CryptoNext, Atempo, Prim’X, Synacktiv, CEA Leti, INRIA, and the French cybersecurity agency (ANSSI). They aim to create robust solutions while ANSSI oversees security and performance assessments.


Supported by funding from the French government’s investment plan France 2030 and credits from the European Union, the consortium plays a pivotal role in advancing European sovereignty in post-quantum cryptography.

A leading quantum-safe solution at the forefront of global industrial research

The emergence of quantum computers poses a significant threat to the security of sensitive data. The Hyperform project aims to develop quantum-safe solutions to safeguard government, enterprise, and citizen data from this threat. The consortium will establish a comprehensive demonstrator for cloud data storage, document archiving, and online collaboration, utilizing sovereign encryption software to protect the most critical information.


With an investment of over 7.5 million euros from the Hyperform consortium, France 2030, and the European Union, and the recruitment of 29 experts, the consortium is highly ambitious. Over the next three years, it aims to develop quantum-safe components, enabling service providers such as banks, governments, and software companies to guarantee unparalleled data security for their end-user services. The initial end-to-end solutions have the potential to become industry standards.

As a component of this initiative, the consortium will design a next-generation quantum-safe chip and construct post-quantum cryptographic libraries, improving payment transactions and identity document authentication. Existing cybersecurity software will be adapted to facilitate the transition to these advanced security measures. The performance and security of these innovative solutions will undergo evaluation under the oversight of the ANSSI security agency.

“True to our commitment to provide service providers with state-of-the-art security services, we are very proud to lead the Hyperform consortium. This collaborative project highlights our shared expertise in post-quantum technologies and our joint commitment to crafting solutions that meet industry demands. By working hand-in-hand with the ecosystem, we will be able to develop a robust quantum-safe framework, driving co-innovation and industry-wide progress,” says Marc BERTIN, Chief Technology Officer at IDEMIA Secure Transactions.

With a worldwide team of 800 research and development experts, IDEMIA Secure Transactions leads the way in technology, particularly in post-quantum cryptography, as a global authority. The company has been pioneering advancements in post-quantum algorithms and notably achieved a significant milestone in 2022 by introducing the first quantum-resistant 5G SIM. Recently, the division revealed the inaugural crypto-agility solution, empowering secure product service providers to ensure the security of their offerings in the post-quantum era.

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