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GuidePoint Security announced its IoT Security Assessment, a new cybersecurity service.

GuidePoint Security’s team of IoT security and embedded systems experts have extensive experience identifying potential weaknesses in IoT devices and applications across a wide range of industries.

Organizations that leverage GuidePoint’s targeted IoT Security Assessment can ultimately identify and fix vulnerabilities, fortify their defenses, inspire confidence in their customers, and prevent unwanted access to their IoT ecosystem.

“IoT devices are prevalent in many industries, yet the risks associated with them are often underestimated or overlooked, leaving many organizations and their IT systems vulnerable to potential threats,” said Victor Wieczorek, VP of Application Security and Threat & Attack Simulation, GuidePoint Security. “Through our IoT Security Assessment, we take a holistic approach that accounts for your specific goals and limitations, identifies any security weaknesses, and provides tailored recommendations to fix these issues.”

GuidePoint’s IoT Security Assessments start with an in-depth architectural review to understand the unique objectives and constraints that dictated the IoT device’s design, including its supporting infrastructure.

This review will encompass the IoT device’s hardware, firmware, networking, and its companion web or mobile applications to holistically identify security weaknesses and provide practical remediation recommendations.

Key benefits of GuidePoint’s IoT Security Assessment include:

  • IoT network security – assessment of an organization’s IoT ecosystem services and functions to identify insecure protocols, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities in device operations and custom network protocols.
  • IoT physical security – verification of the physical security of an organization’s IoT devices, including digital or physical locks, anti-tamper mechanisms and access monitoring.
  • IoT firmware security – review of an IoT device’s firmware to identify vulnerabilities that could leave an organization’s network and customers open to attack, along with actionable remediation recommendations.
  • IoT supporting infrastructure security – assessment of the supporting infrastructure for remote management, updates, administration and communication, as well as supporting actions to ensure they’re properly secured.

This offering rounds out a complete portfolio of GuidePoint’s Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing services.

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