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The General Services Administration (GSA) is redefining its approach to cybersecurity by evolving its Security Operations Center (SOC) into a more integrated and responsive unit. With a focus on product-like delivery, the GSA aims to streamline decision-making and improve defense mechanisms against cyber threats. This innovative model combines the efforts of federal employees and contractors to form a cohesive team, enhancing the agency’s ability to safeguard against cyber incidents.


Strategic Framework and Decision-Making

Under the guidance of Chief Information Security Officer Bo Berlas, the GSA is implementing an authorities framework designed to clarify decision-making processes within the SOC. This framework ensures that lower-level incidents can be managed efficiently at the appropriate level, reducing the need for unnecessary escalation. However, it also allows for immediate high-level intervention in cases of clear and imminent threats. This balanced approach underscores the importance of agility and precision in responding to cybersecurity challenges, aligning with the latest regulations and striving for cyber resiliency.

Emphasis on Technical Skills and Teamwork


Technical proficiency is highly valued within the GSA’s SOC, with an emphasis on hands-on skills over certifications. This preference highlights the significance of practical experience and the ability to work effectively within a team. The integration of federal employees and contractors is seen as crucial to the SOC’s success, fostering a collaborative environment that leverages diverse skills and perspectives. The strategic selection of tools and technologies further supports this integrated approach, ensuring seamless operations and the ability to offer shared services across the government.

Aligning with Cybersecurity Trends

The SOC’s evolution at the GSA is reflective of broader trends in cybersecurity, where rapid response and adaptability are paramount. By formalizing its framework and prioritizing technical skills, the GSA is positioning its SOC as a model of efficiency and effectiveness. This move is also in line with practices seen in other government agencies, such as the modernization efforts at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) following a significant data breach. The focus on cloud-native platforms and zero-trust security goals at OPM underscores the government-wide shift towards innovative cybersecurity solutions.

The GSA’s revamped SOC operations signal a significant step forward in the battle against cyber threats. By fostering a culture of integration, accountability, and transparency, the agency not only enhances its defensive capabilities but also sets a benchmark for cybersecurity operations across the federal landscape. As cyber threats continue to evolve, the GSA’s proactive approach serves as a critical component of the government’s broader strategy to protect national security and public trust.

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