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The city of Oakland will be getting a boost from the state to make streets safer.

Gov. Gavin Newsom released a 10-point action plan Friday, a strategy by Caltrans, to support the city and enhance public safety.

“It’s going to be safer for our kids as they are walking to school on clean streets,” said Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. “It’s going to be safer in the sense that we’re going to get unhoused people off of our streets and into housing and so, that they can live a dignified life and not be out in the elements. And so all of this is actually really chipping at the icebox of public safety.”

Newsom’s 10-point plan for Oakland highlights efforts by Caltrans to support the city that includes intensifying maintenance, increasing litter abatement and landscaping, addressing encampment issues and working on beautification.

There’s also a plan about installing about 300 new security cameras, procured, Thao said by Caltrans.

Thao said the city will pay for the upkeep of the cameras and adds after inheriting a $360 million deficit, reaching out was necessary.

It’s just not what the local Oakland chapter of the NAACP has been demanding.

“This plan doesn’t cover. We need more police officers,” said Bishop Bob Jackson with NAACP’s Oakland chapter. “It doesn’t cover the fact that we need to get a handle on the crime that’s coming. The businesses being more secure, the neighborhoods being more secure, people feeling more safe in their own homes.”

The organization came out with its own 10-point safety plan for the city in September, which included hiring a permanent chief of police.

“They need to feel safe in the community that we live in, that we pay taxes in,” Jackson said.

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