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Google Workspace has announced new initiatives to help protect businesses everywhere as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

The company has announced at Google Cloud Next 24 it will be launching a new AI Security add-on for Google Workspace subscriptions, offering a number of services and tools aimed at keeping organizations safe from all the latest threats.

Available now for $10 per user, per month, the new add-on includes a range of the company’s latest breakthroughs when it comes to dealing with threats at all levels, all the way up to quantum security issues.

AI security add-ons

Google says the launch comes as the generative AI continues to grow and expand, with the security industry seeing great innovation on both sides.

It noted that both Gmail and Workspace have long stood ahead when it comes to dealing with security threats thanks to their cloud-native architecture and embracing of zero-trust principles.

The new expansion sees the use of large language models to block an additional 20% more spam in Gmail, as well as being able to evaluate “1,000 times” more user-reported spam in Gmail each day.

It also includes new security tools allowing IT teams to automatically classify and protect sensitive files across an entire company’s Google Drive platform. 

The platform uses “privacy-preserving AI models” that can be trained using data unique to a specific organization, keeping all employees safe by enabling continuous evaluation, classification, and protection of existing and new files in Drive.

Elsewhere, the company also revealed it would be extending DLP controls and classification labels to Gmail as part of a new beta, as well as teaming up with partners including Thales and Fortanix to add experimental support for post-quantum cryptography (PQC) in client-side encryption in order to protect your most sensitive data against quantum computer attacks.

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