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Google’s new threat intelligence solution includes a generative artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that can analyze potential malware and quickly provide a summary for customers so they can tackle threats faster.

Google Threat Intelligence is a new offering from the company that combines its Mandiant threat intelligence team, VirusTotal community of over one million users, and Google’s network of billions of signals across devices and emails to quickly tackle threats. It also includes Gemini in Threat Intelligence, which is an AI-powered agent customers can use to search how to protect against security threats.


By combining its Gemini 1.5 Pro model with its other offerings, Google says it has “supercharged the threat research processes, augmented defense capabilities,” and cut down the time it takes to identify and protect against security.

With Google Threat Intelligence, the company said its customers can use Gemini to “condense large data sets in seconds” and analyze suspicious files faster. Gemini 1.5 Pro can make reverse engineering malware simpler, according to Google. The reverse engineering process is how cybersecurity professionals analyze advanced software. For example, Google said Gemini 1.5 Pro took 34 seconds to analyze and find the kill switch for a malware file called WannaCry. Google Threat Intelligence can produce custom threat summaries from a decade’s worth of threat reports in seconds, Google said.


“While there is no shortage of threat intelligence available, the challenge for most is to contextualize and operationalize intelligence relevant to their specific organization,” Dave Gruber, principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said in a statement. Google’s new offering gives “security teams a new means to operationalize actionable threat intelligence to better protect their organizations.”

Google, which announced Google Threat Intelligence at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on Monday, said each day it protects four billion devices and 1.5 billion emails, while blocking 100 million phishing attempts.


The company also announced new AI-powered features for its Security Operations, including an Investigation Assistant that can help respond to threats by answering security questions, summarizing events, looking for threats, and other actions, as well as its Playbook Assistant, can help security teams build response playbooks that simplify tasks requiring more expertise.

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