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Google has announced a significant expansion of its security outlook tools as it looks to utilize AI to help keep businesses everywhere well away from the latest threats.

Unveiled at RSA 2024, Google Threat Intelligence combines knowledge and insights from the company’s Mandiant and VirusTotal business arms in order to provide the latest up-to-date information on threats.

All this is underpinned by Google’s own Gemini AI platform, which can carry out thorough and fast analysis of any possible danger and flag warnings to customers around the world.

Google Threat Intelligence

“For decades, threat intelligence solutions have had two main challenges: They lack a comprehensive view of the threat landscape, and to get value from intelligence, organizations have to spend excess time, energy, and money trying to collect and operationalize the data,” Google Cloud wrote in a blog post announcing the news.

The company says its security network protects four billion devices and 1.5 billion email accounts, and blocks 100 million phishing attempts per day, giving it a wide library of information on threats and attacks.

This is combined with the work of Mandiant’s incident responders and security consultants, who monitor threat actor groups for activity and behavior changes that might indicate a new attack or new tactics.

Google’s security efforts will also boast crowdsourced threat intelligence thanks to VirusTotal’s global community of over a million users, who contribute information on potential threat indicators, including files and URLs, providing real-time insight into emerging attacks.

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The new platform includes the recently-announced Gemini in Threat Intelligence tool, which utilizes conversational search to quickly discover details on existing issues or threat actors, and also boost threat research usefulness by offering automated web crawling for relevant open source intelligence (OSINT) articles, ingesting information and providing concise summaries to help security professionals fight back.

“By combining our comprehensive view of the threat landscape with Gemini, we have supercharged the threat research processes, augmented defense capabilities, and reduced the time it takes to identify and protect against novel threats,” the blog, written by Sunil Potti, VP/GM, Google Cloud Security, and Sandra Joyce, VP, Google Threat Intelligence, added.

“Customers now have the ability to condense large data sets in seconds, quickly analyze suspicious files, and simplify challenging manual threat intelligence tasks.”

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