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Google is bringing AI-powered functions to its Workspace business suite, both folding new abilities into existing Workspace accounts as well as debuting paid add-ons for $10 per user, per month.

The Google Meet video conferencing app is also getting its own add-on that comes with tools like an autotranslation and an automatic note-taking service that can let you fully focus without the need to scribble your own notes during a call.

A tech company debuting new AI tools is hardly news, but Google’s business software consitutes some of the most popular workplace tool suites around. Here are the new tools to know about, freshly debuted at Google’s latest Cloud-focused event.

Google Workspace Gets a New Video Editing App, Google Vids

One of the bigger business-oriented tools to debut from Google recently? Google Vids, a Google Workspace solution to bring video creation and editing to the business software suite. The applications have a wide range, from product pitches to “About Us” videos to social media promotion to workplace safety training clips.

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The tool will slot in place next to other Google Workspace apps like Docs and Slides, with complete interoperability. It can generate storyboards and an entire “first draft” that uses stock video clips and images that can be replicated for your own custom version.

It’ll be released June 2024 within Workspace, with no need for a paid add-on.

Better AI Security for Workspace

A new AI Security add-on is coming to Google Workspace subscriptions, at the cost of $10 per user, per month.

This service will catch 20% more Gmail spam, since it can crunch “1,000 times” more user-reported spam per day, and it has new tools that help business IT teams automatically identify and process sensitive files hosted on that business’s Google Drive account.

AI Is Coming to Google Meet and Chat, Too

Another AI debut is arriving for Google’s already-AI-packed video conferencing solution: The Gemini-powered AI Meetings and Messaging add-on costs $10 per user, per month and will be available for “most” Google Workspace plans.

It includes a “Take notes for me” feature that powers automatic notes during a meeting, as well as a “Translate for me” tool that can auto-translate 69 different languages. Which is great, because I don’t speak 68 of them and I could really use that.

These auto-translation and conversation summary tools are coming to Google Chat sometime in 2024 as well.

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