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Google Cloud introduced new AI-powered security tools to empower security professionals at its Next 2024 event this week in Las Vegas, unveiling the integration of its flagship Gemini language model into security protection tools.

The tools include Gemini in Threat Intelligence, Gemini in Security Operations and Gemini in Security Command Center.

Gemini in Security Operations is designed to assist security professionals in conducting investigations. The tool provides recommendations on actions to take for security incidents and alerts, while also assisting in drafting detection rules to improve response times.

Gemini in Threat Intelligence, meanwhile, allows security professionals to perform conversational searches on platforms like Mandiant.

In addition, the new Gemini in Security Command Center feature generates summaries of security alerts, allowing professionals to obtain faster insights into potential issues.

Security professionals at fintech Fiserv got to try out the new Gemini-powered security tools.

“Detection engineers can create detections and playbooks with less effort and security analysts can find answers quickly with intelligent summarization and natural language search,” said Ronald Smalley, Fiserv’s senior vice president of cybersecurity operations. “This is critical as cybersecurity operations center teams continue to manage increasing data volumes and need to detect, validate and respond to events faster.“

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Google Cloud also showcased previews of new security-focused features in Gemini Cloud Assist.

One of the updates to Cloud Assist includes a new AI tool that provides contextual recommendations for identity and access management. Another is designed to help professionals in creating encryption keys.

Gemini Cloud Assist now features AI tools that offer insights into staff with over-permissioned access to platforms. Additionally, it can generate recommendations on which sensitive workloads require additional protections.

Google Cloud also unveiled Chrome Enterprise Premium, which provides improved security endpoints for the Chrome web browser.

Now generally available, Chrome Enterprise Premium adds an extra layer of security protections on top of Chrome’s existing security suite.

Enterprises can use the new offering to install custom permissions for staff, including extra phishing protections and added data loss prevention controls.

Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. is among the early adopters of Chrome Enterprise Premium.

“We set up data loss prevention restrictions and warnings for sharing sensitive information in applications like Generative AI platforms and noticed a noteworthy 50% reduction in content transfers,” said Nick Reva, Snap’s head of corporate security engineering.

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