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Facebook Marketplace Statistics: Facebook marketplace is an online platform developed by Facebook that allows users to buy and sell various items within their local communities.

It provides a convenient way for individuals, businesses, and organizations to connect and engage in buying and selling activities.

Facebook marketplace is integrated within the Facebook platform, accessible through the Facebook website and mobile app.

It leverages the existing user bases of Facebook, making it easily accessible to millions of users worldwide.

Facebook Marketplace StatisticsFacebook Marketplace Statistics

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  • The Global E-Commerce Platforms Market in terms of revenue was estimated to be worth USD 6.8 Bn in 2023 and is poised to reach USD 21.0 Bn by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2023 to 2032.
  • Over 1 billion people globally use the Facebook marketplace every month.
  • The top three most popular categories on Facebook Marketplace are furniture, clothing/accessories, and electronics.
  • The Facebook marketplace has facilitated transactions in over 100 countries.
  • In 2022, there were over 100 million businesses actively using the Facebook marketplace.
  • Facebook marketplace receives over 800 million monthly visits.
  • The average time spent by a user on the Facebook marketplace per visit is 20 minutes.
  • As of September 2022, 33% of Facebook users in the United States used the Facebook marketplace.

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Facebook Marketplace Statistics – Key Facts

  • Monthly Active Users (MAU): As of September 2022, Facebook reported 2.91 billion monthly active users worldwide.
  • Daily Active Users (DAU): Facebook had an average of 1.84 billion daily active users in September 2022.
  • Mobile Users: More than 98% of Facebook’s MAUs access the platform through mobile devices.
  • Revenue: In the second quarter of 2022, Facebook generated $29.08 billion in revenue, primarily from advertising.
  • Advertising Revenue: Advertising accounted for approximately 98.5% of Facebook’s total revenue in the second quarter of 2022, amounting to $28.58 billion.
  • User Engagement: Facebook users spend an average of 19.5 hours per month on the platform.
  • Video Consumption: Over 1.25 billion people visit Facebook Watch each month, spending an average of 38 minutes daily.
  • Messaging Apps: Facebook’s family of messaging apps, including Messenger and WhatsApp, have a combined total of over 3 billion monthly active users.
  • Geographic Reach: Facebook is available in more than 200 countries and territories, making it a globally accessible social media platform.

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Facebook Marketplace Statistics – User Base and Reach

  • The Facebook marketplace has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.
  • As of September 2022, Facebook marketplaces were available in over 100 countries.
  • In the United States, over 33% of Facebook users access the marketplace each year.
  • Facebook marketplace is used by 80 million small businesses globally.
  • In 2022, there were over 1.3 billion listings on the Facebook marketplace.
  • The age group with the highest usage of the Facebook marketplace is 25-34 years old, representing 34% of the total user base.
  • Over 60% of Facebook marketplace users are female.
  • In India, the Facebook marketplace has experienced significant growth, with over 60 million monthly active users.
  • Brazil is one of the leading countries in terms of Facebook marketplace usage, with approximately 130 million monthly active users.
  • Over 1 in 3 small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook in the United States use the Facebook marketplace to sell their products.
  • USD 26 billion in gross revenue was made on the Facebook marketplace in 2022, an increase of 48% from 2021.

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Business Adoption and Revenue – Facebook Marketplace Statistics

  • Over 1 in 3 Facebook users in the United States use Facebook Marketplace each month.
  • As of 2022, there are more than 300 million people actively using Facebook Marketplace globally each month.
  • The total value of goods sold on Facebook Marketplace reached $98 billion in 2021.
  • Facebook Marketplace drives significant business activity, with more than 1 million businesses globally advertising on the platform.
  • Facebook Marketplace has facilitated the creation of approximately 2.5 million new jobs globally, including jobs for sellers, delivery drivers, and support staff.
  • According to Facebook’s Q2 2022 earnings report, advertising revenue from the company’s “Other” revenue category, which primarily includes revenue from Facebook Marketplace, was $497 million, representing a significant portion of Facebook’s overall advertising revenue.

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Impact and Growth – Facebook Marketplace Statistics

  • Over 1 billion people use Facebook Marketplace every month.
  • As of 2022, more than 300 million people use Facebook Marketplace in the United States alone.
  • Facebook Marketplace is available in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • In 2021, the total number of active listings on Facebook Marketplace exceeded 1 billion.
  • According to a survey, 33% of Facebook users in the United States have purchased something on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook Marketplace has contributed to the growth of small businesses, with more than 1 in 3 small businesses in the United States using Facebook Marketplace to sell products.
  • Facebook Marketplace has seen significant growth in engagement, with an average of 3 billion monthly connections between buyers and sellers.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the adoption and usage of Facebook Marketplace, as people turned to online platforms for buying and selling goods.

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Demographic Profile of Marketplace Users

  • Age Distribution: As of September 2021, the largest age group of Facebook Marketplace users worldwide was between 25 and 34 years old, accounting for 30.1% of the total user base. The 35-44 age group was the second-largest, making up 22.2% of users.
  • Gender Distribution: Facebook Marketplace usage was relatively evenly split between genders. In 2021, approximately 47.8% of users were female, while 52.2% were male.
  • Geographical Distribution: Facebook Marketplace has a global presence, but its popularity varies by country. As of September 2021, the countries with the highest number of Facebook Marketplace users were the United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Mexico.

(Source: Statista)

Impact of COVID-19

In the early stages of the pandemic, there was a surge in listings for essential items such as hand sanitizers, face masks, and cleaning supplies on Facebook Marketplace. COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns led to a shift in consumer behavior towards local transactions, with people preferring to buy and sell items within their local communities on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Surge in Online Buying and Selling: During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant increase in online buying and selling activities on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Increased Usage and Engagement: Facebook reported a 30% increase in the number of people using Facebook Marketplace in March 2020 compared to the previous month.

(Source: Facebook Newsroom)

Trust and Safety Measures – Facebook Marketplace Statistics

  • In 2020, Facebook reported that they removed 26.9 million pieces of content from Facebook Marketplace for violating their policies.
  • Investment in safety and security: As of 2021, Facebook has over 35,000 people working on safety and security, including content review teams, to ensure a safe experience for users on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook has made significant investments in AI and machine learning technologies to proactively detect and remove prohibited items on Marketplace. In the second quarter of 2021, Facebook took action against 5.5 million pieces of content related to regulated goods violations on Marketplace.
  • Facebook uses AI-powered image recognition technology to identify and remove items that violate their policies, such as firearms, drugs, or counterfeit goods, on Marketplace. In 2020, they reported that 96% of prohibited firearm content was removed by AI before users reported it.

(Source: Facebook Newsroom, Facebook Community Standards Enforcement Report)

Advertising and Monetization

  • Facebook Marketplace generated over $1 billion in revenue in 2020.
  • More than 1 million businesses are advertising on Facebook Marketplace every month.
  • 80% of Facebook Marketplace users visit the platform specifically to find products or services to buy.
  • The average monthly active users (MAU) on Facebook Marketplace reached 1 billion in 2021.
  • Facebook Marketplace has seen a 72% increase in the number of monthly active users in the past year.
  • More than 2 out of 3 Facebook Marketplace users have discovered a new brand or product on the platform.
  • Facebook Marketplace offers various advertising formats, including image ads, carousel ads, and video ads.
  • The average click-through rate (CTR) for ads on Facebook Marketplace is around 1.5%.
  • Facebook Marketplace has introduced new monetization options for sellers, such as paid listings and promoted listings.
  • Facebook has been testing new advertising features on Marketplace, including personalized product recommendations and dynamic ads.

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Competitors and Market Position


  • Craigslist: One of the largest online classified advertisements platforms.
  • eBay Classifieds: An online marketplace for buying and selling various items.
  • OfferUp: A mobile-first marketplace app for local buyers and sellers.
  • Letgo: A mobile app for buying and selling used items locally.
  • Amazon Marketplace: An e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to sell new and used products.

Market Position

  • Facebook Marketplace has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. 
  • As of September 2021, there were more than 1 billion listings on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook Marketplace is available in over 100 countries, making it a global platform for buying and selling.
  • According to a survey by eMarketer, Facebook Marketplace is the second most popular online marketplace in the United States, with 34.4% of internet users using the platform for shopping in 2021.
  • Facebook Marketplace is known for its strong local presence, with 70% of Facebook Marketplace transactions taking place between users who are located within 100 kilometers of each other.
  • The top categories of items sold on Facebook Marketplace include clothing, home goods, electronics, vehicles, and furniture.

(Source: Facebook, eMarketer)

Future Outlook and Potential

  • Facebook Marketplace is projected to reach $30 billion in annual revenue by 2024, according to eMarketer.
  • Facebook Marketplace has the potential to reach over 1 billion users globally, leveraging Facebook’s existing user base and network effect.
  • Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is expected to drive the growth of Facebook Marketplace, with an estimated 72.9% of digital buyers worldwide using mobile devices to make purchases.
  • Facebook Marketplace is exploring the expansion into service offerings, such as home services, beauty, and event planning, to tap into additional revenue streams and increase user engagement.
  • Integration with Facebook’s messaging platforms, Messenger and WhatsApp, presents an opportunity for seamless communication and transactions, enhancing the user experience and driving Marketplace growth.

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Recent Developments

Acquisition of Giphy:

  • Facebook acquired Giphy, a popular platform for creating and sharing animated images (GIFs), in May 2020 for a reported $400 million.
  • This strategic move aimed to enhance the visual communication experience within Facebook’s ecosystem, potentially impacting user engagement on Facebook Marketplace.

Introduction of Facebook Shops:

  • In May 2020, Facebook launched Facebook Shops, allowing businesses to set up online stores on Facebook and Instagram.
  • This initiative aimed to facilitate seamless e-commerce transactions directly within the social media platforms, potentially boosting the visibility and accessibility of products listed on Facebook Marketplace.

Partnership with Shopify:

  • Facebook announced a partnership with Shopify in May 2020, enabling Shopify merchants to easily integrate their products with Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops.
  • This collaboration expanded the reach of Facebook Marketplace by leveraging Shopify’s extensive network of online merchants.

Investment in Jio Platforms:

  • In April 2020, Facebook invested $5.7 billion in Jio Platforms, a digital services subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) in India.
  • This strategic investment aimed to bolster Facebook’s presence in the Indian market and potentially impact user engagement and commerce activities on Facebook Marketplace in the region.

Rebranding to Meta:

  • In October 2021, Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta Platforms, Inc., reflecting the company’s broader focus on the metaverse and virtual reality technologies.
  • While not directly related to Facebook Marketplace, this rebranding signaled Facebook’s long-term vision for immersive online experiences, which could have implications for the evolution of Facebook Marketplace.

Expansion of Buy and Sell Groups:

  • Facebook continued to expand its Buy and Sell Groups feature, enabling users to discover and transact with local sellers within their communities.
  • This grassroots approach to e-commerce fostered community engagement and facilitated peer-to-peer transactions on Facebook Marketplace.

Integration with WhatsApp:

  • Facebook explored opportunities to integrate WhatsApp, its messaging platform, with Facebook Marketplace.
  • While specific details of this integration remain limited, it has the potential to streamline communication between buyers and sellers, enhancing the user experience on Facebook Marketplace.

Enhanced Safety and Security Measures:

  • Facebook implemented various safety and security features on Facebook Marketplace, including AI-powered detection tools to identify and remove fraudulent listings and improve user trust.
  • These measures aimed to create a safer environment for buying and selling goods on the platform, potentially boosting user confidence and engagement.

Continued Growth in User Base:

  • Despite facing scrutiny over privacy concerns and antitrust issues, Facebook Marketplace continued to experience steady growth in its user base.
  • As of the latest available data, Facebook Marketplace boasts over 1 billion monthly active users globally, underscoring its significance as a prominent player in the online marketplace industry.


Facebook Marketplace has emerged as a popular and convenient platform for buying and selling goods within local communities.

With its widespread user base and user-friendly interface, it offers individuals and businesses a simple and accessible way to connect and transact. The platform’s integration with Facebook’s social network also provides a level of trust and familiarity among users.

While there may be some concerns regarding privacy and security, Facebook Marketplace continues to evolve and improve its features to address these issues.

Overall, Facebook Marketplace has become a valuable tool for those seeking to engage in local commerce and streamline their buying and selling experiences.


What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an online platform within the Facebook social media platform that allows users to buy and sell items locally. It provides a convenient way for individuals and businesses to connect and engage in buying and selling activities.

How many people use Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook reported that over one billion people globally used Facebook Marketplace every month.

What are the popular categories on Facebook Marketplace?

The popularity of categories on Facebook Marketplace may differ based on location and user preferences. However, commonly popular categories include clothing and accessories, home goods, electronics, vehicles, and furniture. Facebook Marketplace allows users to browse and search within specific categories to find the items they are looking for.

Can businesses use Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, businesses can use Facebook Marketplace to sell their products and services. It offers opportunities for both individual sellers and businesses to connect with potential customers in their local communities.

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