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In an engaging conversation with Matt Old, Director of Cloud Alliances for Asia-Pacific & Japan at Cohesity, we delve into the company’s strategic approach to cloud-based data management and the pivotal role of advanced technologies in their solutions.

Old characterizes Cohesity with a focus on their cloud services portfolio. “Very simply, Cohesity offers a comprehensive AI-powered data security and management solution. We’ve got a really strong focus on cyber resiliency, which is very different to things like business continuity,” he explains, emphasizing the sophisticated nature of its offerings built primarily on AWS infrastructure.

Cohesity’s global operations extend well beyond its headquarters in San Jose, with significant contributions from across the Asia-Pacific and Japan region. “We have a substantial engineering base in India, and our go-to-market functions in APJ (including India), span across sales, pre-sales, engineering, marketing, HR, communications—all supporting our customers.” 

Reflecting on his transition from AWS to Cohesity, Old highlights the cultural and strategic alignment that influenced his move. “I loved the builder mentality at AWS, and Cohesity offered a platform where I could continue building innovative cloud solution offerings. It’s been a lot of fun, and being part of Cohesity’s growth in the APJ region has been phenomenally rewarding,” he shares.

Old points out two major trends driving Cohesity’s customer adoption: exponential data growth and increased cybersecurity threats. “The amount of data that businesses and consumers are creating as part of their digital transformation is staggering. Coupled with technologies like AI, ML, and IoT, we’re seeing an unprecedented increase in data creation,” he states, noting the complexity this adds to data management.

The response from Cohesity to these challenges is both comprehensive and innovative. “When I engage with organizations, the key challenges usually revolve around data fragmentation, digital transformation, multi-cloud and hybrid environments, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance,” Old explains. He emphasizes the need for solutions that can seamlessly operate across these varied environments to simplify data management and enhance security.

“We consolidate all those point products into a single software-defined backup and recovery solution, dramatically simplifying the operation for an organization. This approach allows us to support both on-prem and modern workloads in the cloud,” Old details Cohesity’s strategic solution framework, highlighting its effectiveness in managing complex data landscapes.

Old also discusses the role of AI and ML in enhancing Cohesity’s defensive capabilities against cyber threats. “One example is that we use AI and ML to identify any anomalies in backups. This allows us not just to protect data but to integrate with security providers like Palo Alto and CrowdStrike, creating a robust security ecosystem,” he elaborates on the integration of advanced technologies in their security strategy.

Innovation remains a cornerstone of Cohesity’s strategy, as Old shares insights from their recent announcements at AWS re:Invent. “We’ve introduced new AI technologies and announced integration with Amazon’s Bedrock, which allows us to leverage backup data in new and impactful ways,” he says, underscoring the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance data protection.

The importance of partnerships in Cohesity’s operational model is evident as Old explains their 100% channel-based sales approach. “Our model ensures that we work closely with channel partners, trusted advisors who have deep relationships with customers. This approach helps us deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients,” he highlights the strategic importance of collaborations in expanding Cohesity’s market presence.

As Cohesity looks towards the future, Old remains optimistic about its trajectory. “With the growing influence of AI and our continuous innovations, we are well-positioned to address the complex challenges our customers face. Our focus is on being at the forefront of data management and security solutions,” he concludes, pointing to a promising horizon for Cohesity in the APJ region and beyond.

Old not only sheds light on Cohesity’s strategic initiatives but also underscores its role as a leader in the evolving landscape of cloud-based data management and security.

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