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Exabeam took the cybersecurity world by storm on Tuesday, unveiling two groundbreaking features to its AI-driven Security Operations Platform: Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot. This duo represents a first-to-market approach, combining a unified workbench for threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) with the power of generative AI to enhance security analysts’ efficiency and accuracy. The announcement comes at a time when organizations globally grapple with visibility issues in their IT environments and a pressing need for automation in their security operations.


Addressing Cybersecurity’s Blindspots

According to Exabeam’s The State of Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response Report 2023, a significant gap exists in organizational IT environment monitoring, with only 66% visibility achieved on average. This lack of comprehensive oversight leaves room for vulnerabilities. The introduction of Threat Center aims to streamline the TDIR workflow, facilitating quicker threat remediation and improved monitoring capabilities. This effort to close the visibility gap is further supported by the integration of Exabeam’s technology with Microsoft Sentinel, enabling broader insights and enhanced automation.

Empowering Analysts with AI


Exabeam Copilot marks a significant leap forward in security operations, employing generative AI to assist analysts in understanding and responding to threats more effectively. This innovative tool acts as a trusted advisor, providing best practices for rapid response and improving the overall threat coverage. The Exabeam platform’s utilization of AI-driven detection and context-aware risk scoring enables more accurate and consistent prioritization of threats, addressing the industry’s call for better understanding of normal user behavior and risk assessment.

Enhancing SOC Productivity Through Automation

The new features signify a pivotal move towards automating the TDIR workflow, a necessity underscored by the fact that over half of global organizations have automated less than 50% of their TDIR processes. By integrating Threat Center and Exabeam Copilot into security operations, Exabeam not only accelerates the threat response but also enhances the analytical capabilities of security teams. This, coupled with the extension of Exabeam’s analytics and automation to existing Microsoft Sentinel deployments, promises to unlock new potential for SIEM users, streamlining their security operations like never before.

The advancements introduced by Exabeam set a new standard in cybersecurity operations, offering organizations the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats with greater confidence and efficiency. As these features become generally available in March 2024, the cybersecurity community eagerly anticipates their impact on enhancing security postures across diverse IT environments.

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