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Eviden, the Atos Group business leading in digital, cloud, big data and security, has announced the launch of its new CloudSecOps centre in Romania.

Located in Timisoara, this innovative service centre combines cloud and security capabilities, offering customers a unique portfolio of cloud services.

Part of Eviden’s global network of cloud centres and connected with its 17 SOC (security operation centres) managed by over 6,500 security specialists, the CloudSecOps Centre in Romania will deliver advanced security operations for cloud services, compliant with European Union regulations.

This new centre is part of Eviden’s network of cloud centres, making four in total (engineering, migration, operations and security) supporting customers worldwide at every stage of their cloud journey, from cloud migration and continuous optimisation to accelerating innovation, all protected under the umbrella of cybersecurity. The project involves a close collaboration of Eviden’s OneCloud and Big Data and Security business lines to design, develop and deliver solutions, supporting Eviden’s approach for end-to-end cloud services at scale for its customers.

“In a world where technology is the heartbeat of innovation, the Cloud SecOps Centre in Timisoara stands as a beacon of excellence, merging the prowess of Eviden’s cloud and cybersecurity expertise to forge a fortress of cloud security,” said Chris Moret, Global Head of Cybersecurity Services at Eviden, Atos Group.

“This centre is a testament to the mastery of cloud technology, ensuring that all data is secure and compliant. With over 120 experts, it’s a part of a global network that’s setting the standard for cloud services. Here, expertise isn’t just about using the cloud; it’s about wielding it with finesse to secure business impact in all manner of applications and services while delivering trust to our customers,” said Steve Midgley, Head of Cloud, Eviden, Atos Group.

Dominic Fritz, Mayor of Timisoara, said: “Technology is crucial for democracy. It plays a huge role, both as a threat but also as a solution. Digitalisation in public administration is crucial for preserving trust in our governments and in the system of democracy. That’s why your cloud centre is so important. Although your clients are not only in the public sector, your solutions are really and absolutely a crucial contribution to preserving democracy and good public life, not just in Romania but all over the world.”

The centre is committed to providing high-performance cloud services, alongside security solutions developed through a scalable delivery model, based on partnerships with global players as well as regionally relevant partners. The Eviden CloudSecOps Centre is strategically positioned to facilitate the provision of complete digital security and cloud services, bringing added value to customers and will continuously grow, depending on the requirements and needs of each customer.

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